So You Think You Can Dance... season 6 begins

I thought this past summer's series was mediocre at best... and so far this season of So You Think You Can Dance is not grabbing my attention. But as a fan of dance I will watch faithfully each week.

I have always been a fan of dance, even before my years working at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, where I was exposed to many different dance styles. But Tap has never been a favorite... never even a like for me. Very surprised that they decided on three tappers... and their opening introductions are so annoying. I was disappointed at the judges decision to send Arianna home. Not only was she a cutey... but she was by far not the worse female dancer last night.

Victor Smalley and Bianca's Travis Wall's routine was by far my favorite. Victor is a cute guy and probably the only thing to swoon over this season. He definitely brought it in that routine. The contemporary piece was steamy, passionate, and filled with emotions, that also required a lot of strength to accomplish the moves.

I am excited to see what the choreographers bring this season while Victor is a cutey... I guess every season can't have Danny Tidwell...


Jarrett said...


In dancing you have to learn are the steps and the body positions. Practicing the steps and body positions actually lays down a neural pathway, a pathway in your brain, which will eventually make those movements and positions second-nature.