Push, a novel by Sapphire

I had never heard of this book before Oprah and Tyler Perry started talking about their part in bringing it to the big screen earlier this year. It wasn't until I started seeing the trailers of Lee Daniel's upcoming film called Precious which is based on this novel that I wanted to read the novel.

With the pending rainy weekend, I walked the one block to Barnes and Noble to get a copy, only to be disappointed by the less than 200 pages. At least it would occupy a few hours.

Push, covers a two to three year period of Clairice Precious Jones, an illiterate, overweight, dark skin girl growing up in Harlem who is pregnant by her father... for the second time. The book is short and the movie will be out in a few week so I won't cover all the tribulations that face Precious and the other women and girls in the book... but the first thing I said when I closed the back cover was, "no one should have to deal with everything she has dealt with." But while reading this book I knew it was a work of fiction, but I also knew there were people who have truly lived the life depicted.

Excellent story... highly recommend the book and I am definitely looking forward to the movie.


.::RoCkii*BoXxE::. said...

Yes everyone is excited to see it.

Jason Howard Green said...

I just finished reading this myself two days ago. This book is heavy. I'm afraid to see the movie. To be such a short book it hit so many different issues we're facing (homophobia, HIV, internalized racism, teen pregnancy, illiteracy, poverty, hopelessness) and that was just by page 20. Can't wait to see the movie.