Farewell... Ted Kennedy

I had the opportunity to meet Edward Kennedy in 2002 while working at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. From our brief conversation as I walked him to the Presidential Box of the Opera House, I was quickly drawn into the charismatic appeal that the every Kennedy has seemed to possess.

I felt honored at that time to meet a man who had become such an icon and force in the US Senate. And now with the recent passing of him and his sister Eunice... it leaves me to wonder who do we have now that will carry on the legacy that Kennedy and others during the Civil Rights movement and recent times. I think we are coming complacent now that Obama sits in the Oval Office. But this country is far from where it should be and there is so much to be done. And I personally have little faith in most of those who sit in elected seats.

Ted Kennedy wrote over 300 bills that were enacted into law and has co-sponsored another 550 bills that became law since 1973. Often described as the most bipartisan Democratic Senator by Republicans, he was also one of the most liberal. The Boston Globe wrote, "By the early 21st century, the achievements of the younger brother would be enough to rival those of many presidents."