The Value of Life

When I heard the news teaser about an upcoming story of students shot execution style.. I shook my head but kept it moving. Then after flipping the channels I happened to land back on the NBC station just as the story was coming back on. I wasn't surprised to learn this tragedy happened in a city where gun violence has become more common and a part of daily life than Starbucks in Seattle. Four young friends shot execution-style in a schoolyard just days before they were to head to Deleware State University.

Forced against a wall at an elementary school and shot in the head at close range, these vicitims were thought to been a part of a random robbery committed by several assailants and that some of the victims may have tried to resist their attackers.

What type of callaous and cruel person could shoot someone in the head at close range? Even if I wasn't gravely afraid of guns... I don't think there is anything that could promote me to take someone's life other than saving my own.

Are we not teaching our children the value of life? Until we start holding parents responsible for the crimes of their children... this nonsense will continue. How is someone raised that they could do something like this? Where are our churches? What is the government doing? These senseless crimes continue but yet their focus is on Iraq. If we can't stop our own people from killing each other, why should we even be concerned about terrorism.

How did all of this start... When corpral punishment and prayer left the schools.... when children stopped being raised with religious/spiritual beliefs... when kids started having kids at profound rates???


Cocoa Rican said...

Wild... I just came home to the states to this story... there is a lack of respect for human life. I blame video games and TV, but ultimately it's like you said...rearing.

twinston1911 said...

its defiantly upbringing, cuz u can watch all the bad TV, violent video games all u want, if you have been raised by loving, spiritual parents, you will respect life and not turn out like the morons that shot these kids

Anonymous said...

This just makes want to holler!!!

Darius T. Williams said...

Whew - I could go one and on about this one.

One of my assumptions is babies having babies. Immaturity in this case trumps maturity. If I'm 16 and have a baby - I have to raise it - not only am I unstable, but I'm immature, and dependent - what type of values is my child inheriting? In the end - you have a cornocopia of things happening - one is the catalyst for your post on this subject. The question is where do we step in and start to reverse the curse?

Valentino said...

This is so horrible. I think people who dont seem to value another person's life, obviously don't value their own. Probably don't have anything to live nothing matters to them. I do think it begins at home...

life said...

Amen to the last paragraph!

Kensilo said...

LOVE. Love is missing from the parents and the home. Love will make you as a parent be concerned for your child by knowing their whereabouts, being more involved in thier schooling, who they hang out with, and their rearing. I feel parents (not all) have gotten complacent with just focusing on having a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, and food in their mouths. But as we all know their is more to parenting than that. We have to do better!

That Dude Right There said...

This comes from people not having a solid foundation before they have children. It comes from corporal punishment and spirituality not being at HOME. It comes from irresponsible parents who themselves had irresponsible parents.

Children need real parents, not just someone to take care of them until they are 18.

Anonymous said...

the essex county proecutors office let a child raping illegal alien go free on bail so he could take away the lives of three innocent black children....AMERICAN CITIZENS!!!!
where the fuck is the Reverend Big Mouth Al Sharpton and Jessie douchebag Jackson to stir up a riot, to demand for a resignation, to leap tall buildings in a single fucking bound? Yet the same two clowns stood behind former mayor SHarpe James when he called Corey Booker a little faggot white boy when they were campaigning for mayor in 2002. (see the documentary Street Fight)
Corey Booker is a wonderful human being that will do everything he can to pull Newark out of the trash can that Sharpe James left it in...and the DA responsible for allowing the adult responsible for this crime against humanity by releasing him on bail is, guess what? A BLACK WOMAN!!!!! aaahhhh, no wonder Sharpton, James & Co. weren't anywhere to be found.
God Bless the children of Newark.
God Bless their families.
God help Corey Booker.
I hope he does get all the evil out of his city...and other cities in the world. Maybe getting the evil out is working since SHarpton & James haven't been around.