After the Destruction

Once again the journalists at the Washington Post have done a great job in covering a story. As we mark the 2nd year since Katrina you should check out
videojournalist Travis Fox returned to Nola to cover the recovery and revitalization efforts within the city.

Always remembering, Nigel Alexander Baptiste-Williams
March 12, 1989 - August 30, 2005


Mr. Jones said...

There's a piece airing on CNN tonite you may be interested in. It's called 'Children of the Storm' and comes on at either 8 or 9 tonite. CNN gives a group of kids cameras to document their own lives post-Katrina. It looked interestinf enough for me to set my Tivo before I left this morning.

Andre J. Allen II said...

keep up the good work washington post and condolences to you C keep your head up on this sad day.

trackstar said...

Thanks so much for sharing that. It's hard to believe that it's been two years. I remembering keeping the TV on CNN or MSNBC for days and just being in awe at what was happening. I went to New Orleans last summer and the spirit of these people that I met, most living in FEMA trailers, was amazing.
And it's really unfortunate that it seems to be a forgotten area until it has the potential to benefit someone politically or the anniversary comes around. "We have to help secure and rebuild Iraq so that Iraqis can live in peace." I hear the President saying a phrase similar to this often but I rarely hear him sound as passionate about the Gulf Coast.....or maybe I'm watching the wrong channel. The are OUR people. Americans. No matter what color or how they are socio-economically.
I'm sorry that this anniversary affects you so personally with the loss of your loved one. May God bless you, your family, and those lives touched by the hand of Hurricane Katrina.

WhozHe said...

Well done, and really touching. A friend of mines plans to return to New Orleans this weekend. I can only imagine the emotions he will experience once he arrives home.