I'm Feeling a Tammy Faye Cry Coming On

Well Fox 5 here in Atlanta reported last night that the good Bishop Thomas Weeks but a public beating on his wife, Juanita Bynum recently. Weeks described as a 'bishop, prophet, conference host, and highly sought after motivational speaker' was still being sought after by Police at the time of the newscast.

Weeks and Bynum are the leaders of the Global Destiny ministry which has churches in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, London and here in Atlanta. As well as a huge television and online following at www.bishopweeks.com .

While of course there are three sides to every story... Juanita's is quite a sad and salicous story. According to Fox 5

ATLANTA (FOX 5) -- Atlanta police said Wednesday that well-known television minister, Juanita Bynum, became the victim of domestic abuse after her husband savagely beat her in a hotel parking lot Tuesday night.

A relative of Reverend Bynum told FOX 5 News that the Reverend Bynum and her husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks, are in the middle of a separation.The relative said the two agreed to meet Tuesday night in the dining room of the Renaissance Hotel near Hartsfield-Jackson airport.The meeting reportedly did not go well and ended with Bishop Weeks leaving abruptly. The relative said Reverend Bynum followed him to the parking lot where the two exchanged words.

According to an Atlanta Police Department report, that's when Weeks allegedly attacked her. In a statement to police, Reverend Bynum said her husband, Thomas Weeks, "choked her, pushed her down, kicked her and stomped her in the Renaissance parking lot." Ronald Campbell of the APD said a bellhop at the hotel saw the attack, intervened and stopped it.

Officer Campbell said Reverend Bynum suffered multiple bruises and swelling and
required hospitalization.

Don't know about you guys but for some reason I am feeling a tearful, apologetic, "I've Sinned Against the Lawd" sermon coming this Sunday.

You better preach gurl!!


life said...

OMG...I'm concerned

celeste said...

omg that video is too much... and yeah im sure there will be some big im sorry sermon as well.

Darius T. Williams said...

I sure as hell hope this isn't true - or the media is missing major facts. I'm not really concerned about Juanita or her husband - they've got enough money (before they married) to handle some issues. Not that money solves problems because it doesn't - but, it sure helps in sticky situations.

I'm more so concerned for all the women that Juanita influences. There are more people trying to be just like her than you can imagine. How she handles this situation will be important because it'll mold the lives of probably millions of black thirty- and forty- something year old women that flock to imitate and do whatever Juanita Bynum comes up with next.

Ha...but you know this much - Juanita is a firecracker. She was trying to play that submissive wife role and you gotta give her credit - she did it for a while. But she probably said something to Thomas that made him mad and he finally snapped out on the old batalax!


Rahshek said...

An event such as this was sure to make it's way to public light. I’ve watched the Weeks for a couple of years during my tenure at the Ritz Carlton, act like animals not only to themselves but to the hotel staff as well. “There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the housetops” Matthew 10:26-27. Of course the claim will be made that we are all human and such is life, but how does one preach one thing but practice another?

Cocoa Rican said...

Like they say...folks are different when working through death and divorce...
Saved or sinners, sometimes you lose it.

Dayne Avery said...

Her husband is from DE and always seemed like the nicest guy. But you never know what's really going on. It is sad that their business had to be publicized.

Kensilo said...

This is sad to read.

Ty said...

I hope that this winds up not being true some kind of way. I really am sad to hear this.

Rodney said...

You know you're a hateful boy!