Shit Your Momma Should Have Tought You #6: SPAM is no good in any form!

So I guess I should already be ready for the near 100 annoying ass generic blast text everyone in my address book "Happy New Year" text message. It never fails every holiday, some I celebrate others I don't, I am bombarded by text messages from people i rarely talk and from those I talk to constantly.

And I find it quite annoying the continuous vibration of my cell phone with such impersonal SPAM.

Please stop.

No one enjoys having to scroll through all those random generic messages to get to a real message from someone, just like no one likes SPAM emails or junk mail.

Instead why don't you take the few seconds to pick up the phone and call the people that are important to you or personalize a text message to them instead of cluttering up people's cell phones with generic messages that they have to figure out who the hell is this from... or like me just delete them to get to real messages.


Anonymous said...

omg i so agree that shit is so annoying to me.

thegayte-keeper said...

you are are right...damn

colinnyc said...

*marks 202-462-XXXX off my list*

lol just joking i agree man that shit is impersonal and means nothing to me other than they still have me in their phonebook for some reason or another.

twinston1911 said...

AAAAAAMEN, it is a waist of texting, call me and talk to me,

The Voice of DemondMaurice said...

PREACH IT PREACHER!!! I was so mad on Thanksgiving morning when I was trying to sleep late. My phone just kept buzzing and buzzing. I did not return one message. Like you said, I called those most important in my book.