The Last Supper...

Returning to work on Monday brought about the endless, "How was your Thanksgiving?" questions. After the third time I even considered drafting a company wide/ worldwide email draft of What I did over my Thanksgiving Holiday. And of course if I didn't ask, "And you?" at the end of my recollection, I would have been deemed as being rude. Damn that phone for not ringing on cue. I noticed in everyone's account how they seemed to brag about how much they ate... like being glutenous was the new badge of honor.

I have always wondered why do people pile food on their plates on Thanksgiving and Christmas like it was going to be their last supper. I have never understood why people bring out their finest china and then completely cover it with food... often twice and three times as much as what they would eat on a regular day.

And maybe it wouldn't be bad if the only fruit on the plate wasn't cranberry sauce covering the carb heaven of dressing... and the only green vegetable wasn't collard greens infused with that good ole pork hamhock. But usually the plate has several different carbs and sauces that are just not good for the waistline.

Besides we are in a recession... this is a time to conserve and save... besides nobody wants to hear in January about how you got to loose all those holiday pounds.


fuzzy said...

People mistake the purpose of thanksgiving. Its to give thanks. Now traditionally, families come together on this day and well people have food. The focus was shifted from the act of giving thanks over what you have to being greedy and eating all you can eat and forgetting about those homeless people all year round that beg you for money for food! My brother and I took plates and food to a few people in elizabeth, NJ who were homeless and on the street thanksgiving night. I personally just went shopping for some goods and still had them in my trunk and someone at the gathering said she didn't have any food in her house. I have her every grocery bag I had! That is the purpose! To realize how blessed we are and to be a blessing to someone else!

Sorry I got long winded! lol

thegayte-keeper said...

you tell them...L(O)L