Random Thoughts this Wednesday Evening

1. Sherri Shepard is now synonymous with BET to me. Every time I hear it or see it... I cringe and feel we have been set back another 10 years as a people. The now 41yo has never voted. Seeing she has missed the past 5 Presidential elections alone was bad but her comment that she never voted because she "never knew the dates or anything." just made me hang my head in shame.

2. Why do people always compare artist against each other as if you can only like one or only afford to buy one CD? ie: Beyonce vs. Janet, NeYo vs. Usher, Danity Kane vs. ok let me stop...

3. I was thinking that I wouldn't have anything to watch on TV with this writer's strike but I am actually quite fine. Don't get me wrong I miss some of my shows but I don't think their strike is working.

4. No John Edwards... Super Tuesday may be the real Super Bowl. It will at least be an interesting day.

5. Damn... I'm hungry.

6. So the late Dr. King and Coretta Scott King are finally going to be grandparents... even if posthumously. We know the child isn't coming from good ole Dexter or loud mouth Bernice... but from MLK3, who happens to also be the only married King child.

7. After visiting ATL a few weeks ago I realized I don't really miss the city but just my crew. Not surprised seeing I felt the same way about DC when I originally left.

8. Analysts, on average, expect Exxon Mobil to report earnings of $1.95 per share and revenue of $114.89 billion during the fourth quarter, according to a survey by Thomson Financial. Gotta love that Bush!!

9. I wonder can I squeeze Blogtopia and Cat on the Hot Tin Roof into the same weekend.

10. If everyone who owes me money would pay me back... I could afford to buy the new LCD for the living room, get a new set of mattresses, pay for my trip to St. Kitts... but it was just a random thought.


Darius T. Williams said...

I was tripping too when I heard her say she had never voted...then, did u hear her? she said that she'd have to wait a year to vote again. ha! but that bitch whoopi had to go correcting her...hmmm, I'm addicted to the view.

celeste said...

first ooooo that Sherri is about a dumb ho.... second i heard about that Exxon Mobil profit and it just pissed me off more... and DAMN if you can do all that with money people owe you can I borrow $50, i mean its only $50

Chet said...

Sherri Shepard is special. Whatever was she thinking or not thinking by not voting?
2. Never understood why people tend to compare artist.
3. I agree with you The Writer's Strike isn't having much effect, in fact I have taken this opportunity to catch up on episodes I missed, and not to mention throwing in my favorite DVDs...Ski Trip, The Salon and Hair Show just to name a few.
4. Super Tuesday now that is questionable.
5. Get something to eat.
6.OMG an addition to the King family; it is truly about time. MLK3 will probably have more children being that Bernice or Dexter have little or no interest in Children and the biological clock has chimed.
7. Honestly one never misses the City they moved from just the people they left behind in that City although I do miss San Francisco sometime.
8. White Collar Crime you don't have to do time.
9. Take your chances; time management need be applied.
10.Owe you? "Mister man when monies leave our hand and goes into the hands of our friends and family that money becomes gifts."

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

I'm glad she's never voted. This falls in line with what I've said in response to one of your blogs in the past my friend...and I stand by my words. I do not want uninformed people to vote! With something this important, if you can't take some of your time to find out the information about candidates and shyt, I'd rather you not vote! People find all the time in the world to do whatever it is they want to do that is ulitimately insignificant.

GOOOOOOOOO Exxon Mobil. Amazingly people forget that this is a BUSINESS and making money is the purpose of a BUSINESS! If you really wanna know who's getting over on the profits of oil companies, check the federal and state governments and their taxes. If you don't believe me, just do some research!


That Dude Right There said...

1. Sherri Shepard makes me shake my head. And I have only seen her ONCE on the view.
2. Janet and Beyonce! Brandy and Monica! J. Hud and J Hol. Yeah, I feel ya!!
3.Thank God for Lost!
4.No Comment
5.Keep some eggs and bacon in the fridge at all times.
6.No Comment at ALL.
7.That's on of the principal reasons why I moved back to Atlanta from Chicago.
8.No point in even complaining cause there is nothing we can do about it.
9.You can make time. Just cut back on the alcohol and you won't be as tired. Ask me how I know.
10. Amen Amen Amen!

fuzzy said...

That number 5 was the most random of the bunch. It actually caught me off guard and made me laugh for a few seconds!