Vote or Die: Reason #1 African Americans need to Rock the Vote

Well once again the Republican party has shown as Kanye has said about their leader that they don't care about black people.

First last week they prevented me and the rest of the FEDERAL TAX paying citizens of Washington... the Constitutional right to have representation in Congress. Bitter... no. Mad... no. Just refund me all the Federal tax money I pay every year and we can call it even.

Then after being invited in March by Tavis Smiley and PBS to participate in a debate at Morgan State University in Baltimore... the front runners recently announced that they wouldn't make it because of scheduling conflicts.

But am I surprised by any of this of course not this is the same party that stole the Florida electoral votes in 2000... the same that replaced Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall with Clarence Thomas... the same government that went on vacation and sent a horse back riding idiot to deal with my city drowning... and led by the same man that snubbed his nose at the NAACP year after year but yet tells his party to reach out to the African American vote.

Until we as a people get out and vote in more numbers... they will continue to brush us to the side and ignore us. So regardless of who you vote for be counted and vote.


Darius T. Williams said...

Very well said - we need to get out and represent. I too heard about MSU - I have a friend that goes there. I'm shocked and saddened by that!

Keep preaching this man - we need to hear it over and over again.

ProfessorB said...

Yes, good message. I dont like when people give an excuse for not voting. In the last local election a friend said he didn't vote because he had a doctor's appointment. Mind you the appointment was in the morning and the polls in Maryland close at 8 pm. Another friend said she only votes in presidential elections. I had to tell her that the work of local and state politicians has a greater effect on our daily lives. Not too long ago people got arrested, fined, and killed for trying to vote. Now people don't even bother.

Kensilo said...

I agree, We need to get out and vote in record numbers. Let our VOTE be our VOICE!

Rodney said...

I am so with you on this. We need to be on line at the polls and as passionate about it as we are when getting our MegaMillions tickets.

Chet said...

Many of us have lost interest in voting and strongly feel that our votes are dismissed however; we continue to vote. Fair exchange is no robbery unless of course you reside in the District (Washington,DC) where federal taxes are withheld and no representation rendered.

Mr. Jones said...

Instead of fighting for congressional representation, DC residents for fight to not pay a federal income tax.

I mean, the city has been around since the 1790's and they seem to be no closer to actually getting a real congressional vote in 2007 than they were 20 years ago.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

(Ut Oh... The Black Republican is about to emerge...)

Ok first, where I agree with you. Having lived in the District of Columbia for 5 years, I whole heartedly agree that it's unacceptable that residents of DC are taxed w/out proper representation in the US Congress. If memory serves me correctly, I believe this countries founders put this in the Constitution and it's high time that we have an amendment to change it.

Now to Tavis Smiley... I commented on The Captains blog a few weeks ago concerning this very 'issue'. Granted I don't agree with Captain on many things, but we are politically alined. To me it's amazing that such and uproar would be caused by the Republican frontrunners (4 to be exact) not showing up for Mr. Smiley's debate at MSU when NOT ONE (frontrunner or otherwise) Democratic Candidate agreed to participate in the FOX News Debate. They all declined and it wasn't because of a 'scheduling conflict'. The debate was therefore canceled. The unmitigated temerity of Democrats (Liberals) to cry foul when none of them would participate in a 'simple debate'...regardless of who was hosting it.

LMAO@ 'stole the Florida electoral votes in 2000'... *Sigh* I refuse to comment on the absurdity. You failed to mention that they stole the 2004 Ohio Electoral too btw (Just tryna strengthen your argument/heartache). But to your comment about Clarence Thomas, have you ever took the time to research this man? Did you happen to catch his 60 Minute interview this past Sunday? Have you ever read any of his opinions since he's been on the Supreme Court? He is an amazing man and incredibly intelligent! Your attacks on him are akin to the attacks launched towards Condeleezza Rice by my liberal brethren soley because she is an African American Conservative. Have you taken the time to research her and her many accomplishments, some of which were realized before reaching the age of 18...? It's facinating to me how we as a people idolize singers, rappers, and athletes but can so easily dismiss our intellectuals if they do not fit the 'mold' of what we feel African Americans should do and think in this country.

Hmmmmm...Snubbed the NAACP...Ok. However, Bush speaks yearly before the Urban League (Formerly know as the 'National League on Urban Conditions Amoung Negroes' founded Sept 29th, 1910). Let us dispense with this notion that 'Bush does not address the concerns of or speak to the African American Community'. "Reaching out" should not be confused with 'pandering' or 'placating' to a bunch of individuals who wouldn't give him a honest listen without prejudging his sincerity.

I agree with the idea that EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN should vote and allow their voice be heard. However, I'd rather have an 'informed' voter than an ignorant voter.

Having said all that, I am an advid visitor to your blog and look forward to reading your thoughts again.

Peace and blessings,


yet another black guy said...

uh, Blaq, the Dems refused to go to fox because it is ridiculously biased. being 'incredibly intelligent' hasn't helped either Clarence or Condi to do better jobs in their roles. or even do their own jobs.

i'll be voting and bothering everyone i know to hit the polls as well.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

YABG, are you suggesting that MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, and Air America aren't as 'ridiculously biased' (to use your words)...? Regardless of their 'biases', has not every Republican candidate still appeared on these various stations to voice their views? Why is it acceptable for Republicans to go on these 'biased' LIBERAL networks however, Dems will not go on the (allegidly) biased Fox network? ONE network -vs- FOUR other networks? Fear Factor anyone? If your message is pure, it can not be manipulated by anyone.

What has Clarence or Condi done so bad that has rendered their service worthless or irrelevant? And please, when speaking of Condi, present other issues besides the Iraq War into the forum.

One Luv!