Dear Media and Government -

Stop insulting my family and the millions of other people from New Orleans by comparing the fires of San Diego to the floods of New Orleans. And they say it wasn't a race issue.


Chet said...

I agree too; I am truly insulted each time I hear the media associate or compare the fires to the devastation Karina created and left on New Orleans; both situations are sad, but one could have truly been prevented or at the very least comtrolled while Katrina left Black and white residents of: New Orleans defenseless. The attention and help is fast on the way to California, but was slow getting to New Orleans. Race appears to be a factor and so does social and financial status.

celeste said...

i too got pissed when i saw this on the CBS news today. while both are dramatic issues... the carelessness of the government in the Katrina issue is clearly a race and socioeconomic issue.

Kyon Saucier said...

Agreed with all things said. Rich White People in trouble in America? Oh please. They are White and Rich I know I don't have to elaborate.

Mr. Jones said...

Thank you. I mentioned this in my random thoughts post today, but it pisses me off that America is basically saying, "Yeah...we've righted all our wrongs. The rich folks in California were well prepared and taken care of".

Give me a damn break.

BTW, the SCOGeorgia ruled that Gernalow be released from prison today.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

...Ok I just have one question for everyone who's commented and the poster...? Whom do you blame more? The Federal Government or the State/City Government?

The two tragedy's can not and should not be compared! The circumstances are polar opposites. UGH@ this continued inclination to lean towards racial injusticeses in EVERY matter concerning our people. Granted I'm not saying that injustices don't continue to happen, however, the sooner we as a people shed our social/economical crutches that we so willingly lean on, the better we will be!!


Mr. Jones said...

It's unfortunate that you don't see the correlation between race and class and how the confluence of the two leads to the polarized response/rxn to these tragedies.

Think about the much broader picture.
Race and class affects every single thing that happens in life.

I'd love to read your thoughts on affirmative action.