Things I Wish Would Go Away Forever...

Mohawks... very few people can pull this hairstyle off successfully. But that doesn't stop people from allowing their friends going out looking fool. Diddy brought this hairstyle back in 2003... and since I have seen 2003 unsuccessful attempts.

Denim Shorts... They just never look good. My friend LB's Friday date made me think of this. Nice, attractive guy... but those shorts just looked like he was one of Theo Huxtable's friend.

Flava of Love Chicks... When MTV created Real World years ago... I am sure they didn't mean for just anyone to become overnight celebrities. We as a people accept about anything someone gives us, and I am tired of seeing these women who are infamous for being ghetto messes on my gossip web sites.

Usher & Tameka Foster... this whole nonsense has driven me to an all time high of annoyance. One thing Usher apparently didn't learn from Puffy was how to pimp the media. This entire story from beginning to the now cliffhanger has been quite annoying and pathetic. "Don't print stories about my fiancee" one minute and releasing soliloquies the next about their love... Dude please just make music.

Celeb Weddings... speaking of which I think celebs should be banned from getting married. I mean what is the point they usually last all of 10 minutes before they are divorcing. Never understood why actually getting married was so important... just shack up and when it goes down hill, grab your toothbrush and Gucci bag and beat it.

Supersize... damn this curse to my waist!!


That Dude Right There said...

I'm with you on the mohawks, but leave the jean shorts alone. Some people can rock them and make them look good (although I don't own any myself).

Cocoa Rican said...

I don't own jean shorts... and I agree, they can look freakish (no offense to my baby who rocks them with sexy-back appeal)
The ghetto-girls are amusing and funny and anyone making them instant celebrities is a ghetto fool themselves.
I am so over the marriage thingy... keepin' it real, I don't think I would even marry a gay partner right now...let's not even go there.
Supersizing has been a moot point recently, since my parent's visit has set my caloric intake to a new high... mom puts it down with the Boricua cuisine!

life said...

Yeah, the mohawk thing not for everyone sorry. Never thought about denim Wait, I have a pair. Flava of love never watched the show, so I really don't know anything about them. lol@supersize comment

Darius T. Williams said...

Um - I have a pair of denim shorts - but they're rocka or pelle or something or the other. And...they're nice - they do what they're supposed to do in the places they're supposed to do them in.

And with those mohawks...let the church say AMEN!

Kensilo said...

I'm with that dude... What's wrong with demin shorts? I have a pix of me wearing them on my blog and I dont think (please let it not be)I look terribe in them. Speaking of mohawks I saw this guy wearing one when I was in Big Ben's chilli Bowl. Just horrible!

celeste said...

looooooooooooord not celeb weddings what would i do with all my free time if they stopped getting married... when would i read?!?!?!

and kensolo yeah u need to retire those shorts you look like an 80s child.

Mr. Jones said...

Mohawks - There does seem to be an overabundance of this hairstyle in Atlanta. And I was thinking it was just overdone in my area...silly me.

Denim shorts - I agree.

Flava of Love - Im so thankful to have never gotten into this show.

Ush and Maneka - He's way to cute for her and this nonsense.

Celeb Weddings - Im luncky to nat have been bitten by the gossip bug. I am oblivious to most of the goings ons in Celeberityville.

Supersize - I'm with you. I havent eaten a meal at home in over two weeks. The scale shows it.