Weekend Wrapup

I don't even know where to begin. But this weekend... actually this past week has been quite busy and quite eventful. The last two weeks me and my close friends here have been focused on our friend JB, that left Sunday afternoon on his way to Baghdad, Iraq to work as a contractor in the Green Zone. So since it was our last time hanging out till New Years... we have been partying and hanging hard for the past two weeks.

Friday night the plan was to venture out to a party at the Loft and then on to Towers 2... however we unfortunately never made it to the Loft cause we had a very unfortunate accident in my Montero. After a little crying on Spring Street (maybe that was just me), we eventually pulled it together and made it to Towers. After a few drinks, a lot of sweating on the dance floor... we closed the club, got a lil chicken and hit it home. Of course I avoided looking at the back of my truck... a few phone calls later to Geico and Atlanta Police... I finally got in bed around 7 am.

Saturday we had an afternoon cookout by the pool for JB. An intimate crowd allowed people to really let go and have fun... of course the bar by the pool had no less than 20 bottles which helped as well. I was quite surprised that everyone except a five people got into the pool. Some even left and came back in swim gear, because they were surprised people were actually swimming at a pool party. I invited Monet to come to the party and he showed up right on time, ready for the pool. After pulling me into the pool, fully clothed, he then began to strip me down to my swim trunks that I was having second thoughts about already. But he definitely made it up to me as we then swam around the pool in each others arms kissing and carrying on. At the time I didn't know exactly how so... but Roddy made sure he got it on video. (mental note seek and destroy that damn video)

After hours of drinking and swimming... the party continued inside. More alcohol... some herbal refreshments... led the kids to reenact the Destiny's Child Farewell Concert. As me and a new friend stood out on the patio talking about our childhood's in Texas and new lifes here in Atlanta we could do nothing but laugh because we were definitely getting a comedy show inside. We eventually made it to an all white party in Midtown... but we were so drained from the days activities that we really couldn't enjoy it and left not long after getting there, all going in our own directions... let's say Monet is a true masterpiece up close and personal.

Sunday was very chill... I spent some time with Roddy and JB before he left for the airport and the rest of the day in bed watching Fame and dozing in and out of sleep. A very eventful weekend and sad at the same time... Montero is bruised and damaged. JB is gone till New Years.


Kensilo said...

WOW! the pool party sounded very interesting. And I am sure that Monet keep you smiling constantly.

Sorry to hear about your SUV. I hate accidents but hey they happen. Just hope that it was not your fault.

make sure your lil escapade in the pool is not on youtube. (wait let me look for it now) LOL!!

Darius T. Williams said...

sorry about the montero - I know how it feels.

celeste said...

oh my word... u slut lol... i wanna see pics and the video

Mr. Jones said...

I usually hate busy weekends, but it sounds like you had a blast. I'm so glad that Monet is working out for you.

lol @ herbal refreshments.

That Dude Right There said...

Let's search YouTube for "hisstory1' and see what we can find!!!!!!!!

life said...

lol@that due good ideal. I'm glad to read the progress with Monet. Darn, right after you payed Montero off.