There Are Still Good People Out There...

Today started off as downward spiraling day... I mean at 8:45am I was already contemplating going back home and getting back in the bed.

So me and my friend TJ attempted to see the 10pm showing of The Dark Night last night thinking ok Monday night everyone should have seen it by now no need to by advance tickets... wrong. The next showing wasn't until 11something and since I had driven way out to Maryland, I refused to go home without seeing the movie. Needless to say at 2am as I was driving back to the District... I was kicking myself at the thought of my 8am appointment.

When the alarm went off at 7am, I thought I had to be dreaming but a simple roll over to view my alarm clock proved otherwise. So I jumped out of bed thinking of the long day I had ahead (commitments till 10pm tonight) and thought oh well when I get home tonight I will sleep like a baby.

As I was walking to my 8am appointment I reached in my bag to get the directions. When I got to my appointment I saw that my US Passport had fallen out of my bag. As I rushed through the appointment I could only think retrace your steps then stop by the Passport office 2 blocks away to see if some good Samaritan turned it in. Retracing my steps was fruitless, and the rude and unhelpful rentacop security guards at the Passport office were of course not helpful and the worst unknowledgeable.

I got back to my truck to notice a wonderful $25 ticket on my window because apparently the meter maid was at my truck as soon as 9am hit to give me that ticket... I should have just skipped the Passport Office and I would have had at least $25 to put towards the replacement.

As I finally strolled into my office my coworker points out... "Did you know you shirt is ripped?" Yes my one and only Thomas Pink shirt ruined.

As I told her the story of my wonderful morning I logged onto my gmail account to notice an email titled "Your Passport". Some wonderful woman found my passport on the street, googled me and found my blog and other information about me on the net (I realllllly need to google myself)... my faith has been restored and there are still some good people out there.


one soulful negro. said...

yes there are still good people out there.
glad to hear you got your passport back man.

Turn me up a lil said...

she was a resourceful one wasn't she? lol

Corey Keith said...

Wow.. what a whirlwind.. so did you like the movie? Is it worth my dollar?

Darius T. Williams said...

Ahhh - look at that. That's a good thing!