Back to Normal???

I keep wondering when life will get back to normal... but then I ask what is normal? There will be no more trips to the hospital to sit with FLJ or to bring him clean undergarments or specially requested food since he despised the hospital food.

But that wasn't life as normal... we often sat around and just talked about how things are going to get better and back to normal.

I open the fridge and see some damn soy burgers... a lot of eating habits I agreed to change with him but I gotta have my meat when I want meat. So cleaning out my fridge was part of me trying to get back to some normalcy.

My ace and former roommate in college is in town for the next couple days for the AKA Convention celebrating their 100 years. In an effort to get me out of the house and active this weekend, she dragged me around to Howard, a party or 2, the Kappa Kookout, and to Georgetown to do some shopping. It has been great having her in town.... definitely brings back some old memories.

Even work isn't normal... last week being my first week back began an hectic week of the implementation of a new sales database system which has had more flaws and glitches than I can count... and less answers than questions.

So I think it may take a little more time to get back to normal...


one soulful negro. said...

you're in my prayers man.
i don't know you personally and i can't even say that i know what you're going through, but man i am praying for your healing, your recovery and your return back to "normalcy".

keep strong man. stay strong & within this journey you're going through i hope that you find peace.


Darius T. Williams said...

You'll be back to a new normal in no time. It's the cycle of life. This is what life is all about. Just keep pushing forward. It's hard at first, but like with anything, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

CJ said...

Is that friend of yours still here? I'm coming to take you out this weekend.