East meets West

I have never been a huge fan of Los Angeles. Last time I was there, I stayed for five days and saw the Hollywood sign only once due to the smog. The smog also had me washing my face several times a day. After sitting in traffic at 8pm at night the first two days, I wondered why the hell these people weren't at home yet. After visiting Zuma beach and telling my friend there was no way he was getting me in that brown water... I wondered why the hell people lived there.
As if earthquakes, forrest fires, and mud slides weren't enough signs from God.

Well 3 years later I am making my return to LA. With everything going on on the Right coast (hey I didn't make it right just look at a map), I need a vacation and why not spend it with my bestfriend who is relocating to LA to finish his PhD. Sooooo instead of punking out in ATL this Labor Day I will be in the land of stars.

  • Nonstop flight from Washington to LA .... check

  • Luxury accomodations at the Five Star, Five Diamond Beverly Wilshire Hotel, A Four Seasons property... check

  • One best friend to kick it with all weekend... check

  • Need for a getaway... double and triple check

August 29-Sept 3 East meets West



one soulful negro. said...

have fun man.
hopefully this experience will be liberating and much better than the last.

Corey Keith said...

Do have fun... Is this just a vacation? Um.. when were you last in the A? Atlanta still loves you, baby... Is the feeling still mutual?

fuzzy said...

Sounds like a nice getaway! Have a blast on me! lol

Turn me up a lil said...

damn...you got really scared about goin out there...Have fun though.

I had no idea the smog is that bad...Thats real messed up.

Kensilo said...

Well enjoy your stay in LA. I need to plan mines...

Darius T. Williams said...

I'm so with you on LA. I was there for three months on a work related project. I had no idea why folks loved that place so much. I soooo don't like it. I think the Latino influences are interesting though. It's the only place where you can go to Subway and get cilantro on your sandwich.

That Dude Right There said...

I love LA and was actually thinking about going for Labor Day weekend myself, til a cabin trip won out.

I hope you enjoy yourself while there. And you can skip The Catch. I'm telling you now, that club is horrible.