Real World 20:2

Real World: Hollywood Ep. 2 Let's Not Get Ghetto

The second episode was all about two people totally disappointing me. First was the resident cutie Will. I find it incredibly disturbing when someone actively pursues someone that is in a relationship. And Will has done just that, even went as far as asking another roommate to help him get this girl. Out of all the available people in the house and in Hollywood why would you pursue someone you have known for less than a week and truly have no connection with. All I could think of is if he would do this to someone in a relationship... what would he do when he is in one.

The second incident revolved around our southern belle, Kimberly. In the midst of an arguement with stripper/singer Brianna over the number of house guests, Kimberly says, "Let's not get ghetto." I tell you one of the draw backs of pop culture is that it affords people the right to say ignorant shit without even knowing the meaning behind it. Later on as she is discussing the incident with Sarah she makes yet another grand statement, "I don't care where you are from... the most inner city, blackville, you don't act like that" "I didn't mean it as a racial thing."

The drama was later squashed at least for now by the help of none other than Mr. Arrogant himself, Greg. Which I found quite surprisng that the self centered "model" payed that much attention or put that much energy into helping bring two roommates back together at least for now.

Of course the other 30 minutes of the show were all about the roommates partying and drinking. Makes me wonder what the hell the roommates are doing during the day that MTV chooses not to show that.


Anonymous said...

sometimes you just wanna pop one of them bitches in their mouth... dont get ghetto... just makes me mad

Michael Martin said...

Not sure what Will Gill was thinking but he is good friends with Sarah now and I know Kim Alexander is embarrassed by her statements and acknowledges it was ignorant.

That Dude Right There said...

During the day, those hoes are sleeping off the liquor!

Bullet Proof Soul said...

During the day, they sleep and play practical jokes on each other. At least they did in the other seasons when they showed "never seen before" outtakes.

I don't get Will either. I still think there is something there though, something deeper. We know one is a former alcoholic, one is a stripper, one is arrogant as all hell, one is a racist, the others haven't been exposed yet. They need a title. My question is who is gay? They always have a gay one.

Kimberly, sadly is from SC, just like Cameron in another season. Both made racist comments and then tried to say that they aren't racist. Trust me, I was born and raised in SC. They are racist and they are comfortable with it. So it didn't surprise me. I kind of expected it.