Random Questions...

1. Why does every lil gay boy want to be a model or thinks they are a model?

2. I wonder why my birthday is quickly approaching, this Friday and I am unphased and don't really care?

3. Why do people at church assume that me and my friend I attend with are dating? Why can't people just be friends? Why must people always assume the extreme?

4. How was I convinced to go see Prom Night? Another hour and half of my life I will never remember.

5. OK... why is the Pope trying to hem up my commute on Thursday by holding mass at 830am at the new stadium by my house.

6. I want to get into tennis and spanish lessons this spring/summer. Anyone want to pay?

7. Why does doing favors for friends often bite you in the ass? You thought I was evil before but no more favors... unless it benefits me.

8. Book club "after the show" discussion was quite enlightening... topics of sex and sex practices opened my eyes to some friends I have known for almost 7 years. Do you really know your friends?

9. Are you burned out over this election yet?

10. Why am I not as excited about my pending freedom as I thought I would be?


Boutique Mix Fashion said...

LOL!!! your questions are hilarious. I've thought of at least 6 of those on a daily basis.

twinston1911 said...

dang man i loved Prom night, well actually i loved the ghetto girl behind me cracking joke and the people in the movie,
yeah im 40 next month and im not evening thinking about tryna celebrate,

Anonymous said...

take up tennis, you will love it, and, just check around at any public court, somebody is always looking for a pick up game, and, at all levels.

birthday, mine was last week, just another day to me, but, not my folks, best bud, and, partner, who all think its something special.

life said...

We try to put our best foot forward with people we care about. Even if we have known them for years.

Yeah, this election is doing the most.

What freedom are you referring to?

Andre J. Allen II said...

happy early bday. yes 2 much bickering and not enough love in the amongst the democrats. i dont think we really know are friends until something goes wrong or something they say. amen on the favors. well how do u and your friend act in church? freedom-deep down maybe u will miss being attached.

That Dude Right There said...

6. I've been playing tennis for the last year and it's sooooo much fun. You should like it.

7. It's because they aren't really friends. Friend don't try to take advantage of you.

9. Hell to the yeah!!!

Bullet Proof Soul said...

1) The Kids only care about fashion, passion, and looks. So it's to be expected.
2) Usually the year determines the importance. Nothing wrong with not celebrating.
3) Cause it's what they want. Not to mention, they are also checking to see if you are still available or if the friend is. Also just plain nosiness.
4) Yeah how did that happen. The original with Jamie Lee Curtis was corny.
5) LOL!! Cause he's a Pimp and can do it.
6) Not pay but let me know when you want to play. I love playing tennis and I need to learn Spanish too.
7) Isn't that what favors are all about? So don't feel guilty about getting favor points to benefit you.
8) It's like knowing that the one you love so much had a sordid past. Sometimes it is best to not know everything.
9) Very. I can't even form words to express this. I plan to vote in May and keep it poppin.
10) It depends on the freedom. Sometimes you get too comfortable in your current jail that having to adapt to freedom can be too much.

tout noir said...

hey, what book club is this? I just relocated to DC from NY and would love to join a black book club. I attended Derrick's a couple of times in NY.