Shit that Celebs Say

This past week, I think I have been rolling my eyes and letting out sighs because of dumb shit that celeberties are saying...

"I can't point the finger at the white media. They don't care about us. So when you hear crap about us, it is coming from our own community, which hurts."-- Gabrielle Union told Essence.
Well dear Gabby... stop putting out bullshit like that Christmas movie and you won't hear crap. It is time for black consumers to stop accepting the bullshit movies that are coming out. And you wonder why you aren't at the Oscars.

"The number one thing you can give people is consciousness, to remind them they are already rich." -- Russell Simmons
Don't you hate when a multi millionaire tells you that you are already rich. Shut that shit up Russy.

"I am loving me some me. This is the happiest I've ever been. I made it through the fire." -- Chaka Khan
Well hopefully next time you sing the song you will remember the damn lyrics.

"Unlike other rappers, we've had physical altercations with this guy. We whipped his a** and he sued us. So, it's deeper than just's a real beef." -- Irv Gotti on his and Ja Rule's beef with 50 Cent
I wish rappers would just rap. I mean please trying to be hood and gangsta with several million in the bank is really played and tired... look at T.I.

"I'm the hottest bitch out. I'm real cocky these days, huh? I'm loving it." -- Lil' Kim.
The hottest mess... she is 3 surgeries and a couple bleach treatments from being Mike's twin.

"A flat stomach is nice. Let me get my first 'View' paycheck." -- Sherri Shepherd on liposuction.
Everytime she opens her mouth I cringe


Chet said...

I feel you on this one; this is often felt by many, we hear our favorite or not so favorite celeberties speak and we cringe after they have uttered such foolishness from their mouths.
Gabrielle is just pissed that the last two movies she was in didn't do well and her character(s) didn't warrant attention.
Russell is forever making us aware that "we are rich."
Through the fire, through whatever come what may she still doesn't have her lyrics right and her performances are lacking too. Chaka whatever happen to moving your audience?
Irv Gotti and Ja Rule there is no thug appeal there at all. Rich Black men playing tuff. TI got locked up for his thug act, and now sits at home on house arrest.
Lil Kim the hottest bitch? Good Luck! She is the hottest mess out there right now.
Okay Leave Sherri alone, she know not what she does.LOL

Mr. Jones said...

People say the darnedest things.

antneya said...

Oh lets not forget the best one of 2007 courtesy of Senator Larry Craig "I have a Wide Stance"

Happy New Year...been a fan of your blog for a while now...DC in the house!

yet another black guy said...

lawd, this is the exact reason i don't listen to them talk unless they are performing. except rappers. i try not to listen to them at all.

Rodney said...

LMAO... I can't stand you for putting the celebs on blast, but I love you at the same time.

Happy New Year!