My Favorite Things...

Well today is my girl Oprah's Favorite Thing show. So like the past two years I have decided to post some of my favorite things aka my Xmas wish list...

  • I hate cooking. Well maybe hate is a harsh word, I dislike cooking. But when I do cook I like to use gadgets and my favorite new gadget is the Cuisinart' Griddler. While I do not own this I have used it and I love it... a grill, griddle and panini press all in one!!

  • I talked about my absolute favorite Bond No. 9 the Hamptons last year but my next favorites are Prada, I love the clean scent. And Bond No. 9 Saks Fith Avenue. I am always accepting new bottles.

  • My favorite new show on TV is Big Shots which comes on ABC, I think, anyway I love Nia Long and Dylan McDermott but the rest of the cast does a good job as well.

  • A pair of nice shades always compliments the right outfit. Especially a pair of D&G Aviators. (less the rhinestones... nothing worse than seeing some dude with rhinestones on his sunglasses)

  • My jean selection for this year are the Antik Denim Western Bootcut Jeans. Maybe the Kevin at Saks knows how to compliment me to make the sale over the years but when he says, "damn", when I walk out the dressing room I know the jeans are a sale. Na seriously he tells me when I look a mess in shit too LOL

  • Seeing that I am back in DC, I will have to pull out my winter coats for more than a few weeks. With that said I have always wanted but for some reason never bought a stylish pea coat. So this one by Michael Kors would definitely be on my list. I love pea and military cut coats.

  • Since 2002, Warren Brown has been tantalizing the sweet tooth of DC at Cake Love and on of his cakes that I always buy for Christmas parties is the Strawberry and Creme cake... Juris Doctorate and Masters in Public Health aside, this brother knows how to bake. I hear he even has a show on the Food Network now. A lot of hard work and a mention on Oprah goes a long way.

  • Usually when I go to NYC, I like staying near Madison or the Park but after my last trip to NY I think one of my new favorite hotels is the Ritz Carlton, Battery Park. Our room had a view of the Statue of Liberty from the tub and the bedroom... and the service was phenomenal.

  • And of course Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. Not that I need a day to give thanks but the fact that this is a day to spend with family and friends giving thanks together.


Darius T. Williams said...

Great favorite things list. I'm laboring over whether I need to do one.

Chet said...

What a splendid idea creating your very own "Wish List." Seriously not a bad idea at least this way anyone entertaining the thought of giving you a gift can refer to this list and actually get you what you want...your favorite things. Must admit you spend a great deal of time at: Saks Fifth Ave (Pentagon City), Nordstrom and not to mention D&G Shop. The greatest favorite thing listed among your list would be family and friends. Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday.

life said...

Kenneth Cole has a similar coat to the Michael Kors coat you want. It is a $100 cheaper...check Macy's out.