Courteous or Controlling??

So this weekend started off pretty decent. Dinner date with Mr. SprintPCS (that makes 2)... and Saturday I spent the day with Mr. Iraq (more to come on him later). After a long day of rollercoasters and long lines at Six Flags we chilled at his house watching tv and just talking.

In the midst of our conversation, he mentioned that he was going to cook dinner on Sunday and invited me to come over to eat. Me not ever passing up a free meal, especially home cooked, agreed.

Fast forward to Sunday around 12noon I sent him a text confirming dinner and to see what time... no response.

At 3pm, while out with another friend, I still hadn't heard back from him, so I called and got no answer. So I played it no mind and just went on with my Sunday. So around 5pm he sends me a text asking me what am I up to?? So I tell him I am out with a friend and thanks for getting back to me 5 hours later. He then goes into this long tyrade about how he has "no obligation to when he has to contact me... and notices that I am controlling and that pushes people away." I respond to him saying I was just trying to be courteous since we allegedly had made plans. (a little background... he often responds to texts messages late or "didn't get them")

So am I being controlling or was I just being too courteous?

Oprah on HIV|AIDS in America

Finally Oprah does a show where the spread of HIV and AIDS is placed on unsafe sexual behavior. After talking with Magic and Cookie Johnson (yes he still has it, no they don't have any special drugs, and yes they are still having sex), she spoke with 6 women who contracted the disease through heterosexual sex. Most of her questions focused on their life with HIV and why they didn't use protection. There was only a brief clip of Peter Jennings interviewing 'DL' men but the definite message of the show was get tested, be safe, and you can live with this disease.

She is At it Again.... Damn I love her

SouthernVoice reports 2 Gay Bashings in Atlanta

Two anti-gay hate crimes alleged in AtlantaWeekend of violence leaves three injured
By Ryan Lee
Taken from The Southern Voice

The Atlanta Police Department is investigating a pair of weekend incidents where individuals were allegedly attacked for being perceived as gay. Officer Darlene Harris, gay liaison for the Atlanta Police Department, said she is investigating two weekend incidents that were reported as anti-gay hate crimes.

Late Friday night, a white male was pulling into his apartment complex on Cheshire Bridge Road when he asked the drivers of two cars that were blocking his parking space to move, according to a police report filed with APD. After he parked, the man was confronted by one of the drivers, who allegedly yelled, “Faggot, you don’t tell me what to do,” according to the police report.

“He then pushed [the victim] to the pavement and said ‘Get up faggot,’” the police report states. The suspect then fled the scene, leaving the victim with scrapes on both of his hands.

Two African-American men suffered more severe injuries when they were allegedly attacked by six or seven men in Southwest Atlanta early Sunday morning. The two men were robbed, beaten and pistol-whipped, resulting in one of the men’s face being covered with bruises, according to a police report.

The men told WSB-TV that they were attacked because the group of men believed they were a gay couple. None of the victims could be reached immediately, but Southern Voice continues to follow the story and will have a complete report in Friday’s edition.

Link to story

Even though I attempt to get to my desk by 9am... I usually don't begin work till around 1030am. The first hour and a half is usually spent reading emails, reading personal emails, reading the, and various other websites for the entertainment news I have missed out on over the weekend... and when I tell you today my head is spinning.........

1. Jermaine Dupri quits because he is upset that Virgin didn't promote Janet's album the way the should have... umm doesn't that title he has over there give him any clout?? Why are you pissed after the fact.

2. Nicole Scherzinger is going solo... but wasn't she solo already? I mean I thought the other dolls were just there for show anyway.

3. So allegedly Isaiah Washington on my favorite show Grey's Anatomy is a homophobe?!?!?! Apparently in an argument with Dr. McDreamy on the set he was quoted as saying, " I’m not your little faggot like Knight,” referring to a fellow cast member T.R. Knight {George on the show} who recently came out of the closet to People magazine.... innocent till proven guilty even though it doesn't look so good.

4. So Madonna is allegedly going to be on Oprah talking about her recent adoption of the little African boy... I mean why she has to defend herself makes no sense to me but ok....

5. Did you catch the Times write up on my favorite male R&B singer, John Legend (and USA Today's and Rod's post on his November GQ spread)... whose album is in stores tomorrow....

Small World After All...

To say that the past 6 months have been a true testament to my strength and faith would be a slight understatement. So while in DC this past weekend, I took a lot of time out of visiting friends and former coworkers to do a lot of self reflection and thinking with the help of my best friend. The end result was me deciding on concentrating on only 3 things… my health, getting my finances back in order, and making decisions about my career path. Everything else would take a back seat for awhile until I got myself back to my pre Atlanta days… including men and dating.

So believe that events of yesterday evening were quite a surprise. After work I raced to the Sprint store in Buckhead, because my trusty companion and lifeline, my Treo, is dying. It will not charge anymore and although I have backed up the phone on my computer I am afraid of what will happen when the battery finally dies out. As I was awaiting the technician to order me a new phone, this guy walks in with Treo issues of his own. He immediately caught my attention. From the odd smile he gave as he walked in to the way the jeans were fitting… but for some reason this Sprint store (which was about the size of my kitchen) had at least 10 employees buzzing about with only 3 customers in the store. I didn’t want everyone all up in my grill when I spoke so I nodded from a far and as he left I just chucked it up to a lost moment.

Only to my surprise that this wasn’t the first time I have spoken to him or even seen him before and it wouldn’t be the last time I would see him that day. Mr. Sprint store happens to be my neighbor. Long story short… we ended up talking in the parking lot for about half an hour as he walked his dog and made plans to go the movies the next day. Apparently he had noticed me a few months back when I left my lights on in my SUV and had to get a jump, but had only seen me a few times since then. So when he walked into the store he immediately recognized me. He is a full time student and works full time… which I find quite attractive. Seeing someone actively pursuing their goals is such a turn on for me. Anyway still being somewhat new to the area it is always good to meet new people and potential new friends… so we will see how it goes. Stay tuned…

ooooooh before I forget... so you know while you are waiting in a cell phone store for service you always want to peruse the new phones. Well I was checking out the new Treo 700 with windows and was checking out how better the access to the net is... well why when I look in the history of internet explorer the first website I see is Welcome to Atlanta!!

What and Why ?!?!

What was I thinking taking a 6:55 am flight back from DC this morning… and going directly to work?!?!

Why is there an Asian tour group of about 25 going through my office building… each taking a picture with the security guard by the antique mail box on the wall?

Why did they remove the McDonald’s out of the terminal at National Airport… when I had my heart set on a McGriddle this morning?

What time do you think I am going to bed tonight?

Why was the club last night in DC, the only time I did go out this entire weekend, lame?

Why do some lame movies come out on DVD in like 3 months after opening where as I am still waiting for The Devil Wears Prada hoping to cop the DVD before the end of this year?

Why is The Last King of Scotland only in one theater in Atlanta… several weeks after it was released? Oprah got me all hyped up like this was going to be in ever theater!!

What will VH1 and Flavor Flave do now that he has found the one… again?

What’s for dinner?

Ooooh yeah… why the hell is Solange Knowles dating Lil Wayne when she is married to Daniel Smith?????

· Talk show host Maher and John Legend surrounded by adoring women at Friday's post-taping party at DC restaurant, IndeBleu. The Post reports "the hunky singer dropped by an overhyped "Evening With John Legend" at Zanzibar but stayed only a short time, disappointing the crowd of fans expecting a concert."

· Karrine Steffans is still jonesing for her ex-boo Bill Maher. The New York Daily News reports she said "I will never be with another man." Karrine Steffans I guess is just entertaining herself with Whitney's former pot belly husband while she awaits reunification with the man she calls her "perfect match."

· I can't believe Wendy Williams, Queen of Talk and Gossip, allowed her husband Kevin to wear this getup at the Alize sponsored live airing of ‘The Wendy Williams Experience’ over at Gotham Hall this weekend.

· As if Tyra's show needed one more bootleg element... now we can expect to see Tina Knowles become a regular contributor to The Tyra Banks Show . Knowles will oversee a show feature called "Tina's Takeover Makeovers," where she'll perform head to toe drag queen makeovers on Banks' guests that would likely incorporate her own line, House of Dereon.

Love at First Sight....

Love at First Sight….

When I love, I love hard… When I hurt, I hurt forever…
It was almost two months into the first semester of undergrad when I finally found two gay friends that I could explore and share this new found life. I would soon learn two valuable lessons about friendships in the gay community, but that is another post for another day. Mike and Adrian constantly talked about Mr. D… oh how tall… oh how sexy… he is such a dog… I just wanna go down on him one good time… I have gone down on him one good time….

For weeks this seemed to go on and on… one day driving through campus, Adrian recognized his car passing us on the opposite side of the street. This brief encounter led to at least 30 more minutes of the constant talk and for me that was enough. I was tired of hearing about this mystery man and fellow student. So I convinced Mike to invite him over for dinner. Not being easily impressed and especially by the 2 of them’s opinion on a man… I did nothing to prepare for this life changing dinner.

When Mr. D arrived, I was sitting on the floor of Mike’s bedroom checking my email and the now defunct site, WBS. Mike walked him back to the room where I was to introduce us. When I looked up at him, he smiled. That same smirky smile that would drive me insane for months and years to come. It seemed like minutes before I could speak a hello as he nodded and walked back to the living room. I quickly ran into the bathroom to give myself a look over and dash back out to the living room to be near this man. We did the getting to know you 20 questions over the stir fry Mike prepared and talked about me looking for a job on campus.

Dinner was over and Mike was getting ready to take me back to campus when Mr. D suggested that he could take me since he was on his way. Mike protested and said it was necessary he would take me but I interjected and agreed with Mr. D. On the ride home, Mike called my cell twice asking questions and being nosey and seeing if he had dropped me off yet. We arrived at my campus apartment where we sat at talked for a few minutes. He said that he would look in his department to see if there was a job available and would give Mike a call to let me know since he didn't have my number. Me in my blondness didn’t see the hint… but raddled off my number and told him he could just call me. Mr. D didn’t write the number down, so I just assumed he wasn’t serious... so I jumped out the car and continued to my room. As soon as I hit the door my phone was ringing… it was Mr. D. He inquired to what I was doing. A huge smile ran across my face as I told him looking for something to eat.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were hungry we could have stopped and got something… come outside.” As I walked out he was coming back around, I hopped in as my then roommate was driving up giving me an odd look. We knew all the same people, so for me to be jumping in some strangers car had to spark his curiosity. We got some fast food and ended back in his dorm room eating and playing video games… I awoke the next morning not knowing my life had been changed. And from that day we were together for the next 3 years. It was my first relationship and a life changing few years. Mr. D taught me so much about the life, about love, about dating, and most importantly about myself.

In the background: Blackstreet "Before I Let You Go"
Mood: Remincing

Random Thoughts this Friday morning...

  1. Now that the CW Network sees the error of their ways by moving 'Black Night', you know Girlfriends, Everybody Loves Chris, and the rest of them shows, back to Monday... will Girlfriends still be the same without Jill Marie Jones?
  2. So doctors think marijuana may slow Alzheimer's disease... is this a step forward for the legalization of weed or at least medicinal mary-j??
  3. Why do people feel they can tell others how they should feel about something???
  4. I still do not understand how Noah's Arc can be Logo's 'breakout series' but yet only get 8 episodes. Trying to wrap up old story lines and create new ones... was just a bit too much for 8 episodes.
  5. And since I am on Noah's Arc... as much as I think this season was an improvement from last season... the acting in episode 207: Baby Can I Hold You was absolutely dreadful. The fake tears and emotion... I demand that episode be reshot before it makes it to DVD.
  6. Don't take this the wrong way because I love Michael Knight's vision and style... but was I the only one rejoicing while watching the reunion episode when he flashed that smile and showed.... braces!!!
  7. Why do people I never talked to, thought about, or even met while living in DC, think I want to "chill" with them just because I am coming back.... UMM NO!!
  8. Now that the Bushes and Bill Frist are rallying behind Hastert is his job safe again????
  9. Only 3 more weeks till Once Again, John Legend's sophomore disc...
  10. Don't you find the ball photos on Frank Leon Robert's site somewhat intriguing???

GoGo'n Back to DC

Well next week will mark 6 months in Atlanta... and when I left DC I said that I would try to get back every three months to visit the many friends that I left behind.

As most of my close friends know it has been a truly challenging 6 months and I have often questioned if this move to Atlanta was the right decision. The great job opportunity that prompted this whole move is nothing but a sour distant memory... friends that I thought I knew and were close to for the past 10 years have shown a new side and have too become nothing but a memory... once being able to feel that my home was my refuge from the world and that I was completely safe, is gone as well. But I totally believe in God and have faith that he started me on this journey for a reason and I will sit patiently and wait for that to become apparent....

But on a better note next week a good friend is having his 35th birthday party with the theme of keeping it sexy which is why I will be back in DC next Thursday till the following Monday morning. It wasn't till after I had purchased a ticket on my favorite carrier USAir and reserved my midsize with Hertz that I found out that next weekend is also Howard's homecoming. So what a more perfect weekend to get back to the city, hang out with friends and party. So to all of my friends and my invisible readers... I am back and ready to have a good time!!