What and Why ?!?!

What was I thinking taking a 6:55 am flight back from DC this morning… and going directly to work?!?!

Why is there an Asian tour group of about 25 going through my office building… each taking a picture with the security guard by the antique mail box on the wall?

Why did they remove the McDonald’s out of the terminal at National Airport… when I had my heart set on a McGriddle this morning?

What time do you think I am going to bed tonight?

Why was the club last night in DC, the only time I did go out this entire weekend, lame?

Why do some lame movies come out on DVD in like 3 months after opening where as I am still waiting for The Devil Wears Prada hoping to cop the DVD before the end of this year?

Why is The Last King of Scotland only in one theater in Atlanta… several weeks after it was released? Oprah got me all hyped up like this was going to be in ever theater!!

What will VH1 and Flavor Flave do now that he has found the one… again?

What’s for dinner?

Ooooh yeah… why the hell is Solange Knowles dating Lil Wayne when she is married to Daniel Smith?????


twinston1911 said...

now now Charles, im sure lil wayne has a great personality, LMAO

CawfeeGuy said...

great blog!

colinnyc said...

personality is so overrated lol... are u jealous the tour group didnt take a pic with u lol

Enigmatic1 said...

We asians have to take pics of everything! Why do u think we make the best cameras?!? LOL

Marz said...

You needed the money, and you weren't really thinking.

The Asians are interested in the history of mail delivery. ( very inquisitive.)

Because a Pizza Hut would make more money.

As soon as you get home, if you can't take a nap during your lunch break.

Because you were in the house reading.

I know the movies come out on DVD and you're like, " Oh yeah, I remember that movie came out like last year sometime." I couldn't have the Devil though it made me want to run to Macy's and lose control like Missy Elliot.

HMMMM.. usually movies are only released in New York and nowhere else. ATL is coming up. (Exclusive.)

"How Brown can you be?" The same show concept but with bobby brown. ( You know it's BRILLIANT.)

Fried chicken, mac and cheese, and collards.

When did she get married? I swear they don't report anything on mS. Solange, her baby gets more press than she does. (DAMN.)