Love at First Sight....

Love at First Sight….

When I love, I love hard… When I hurt, I hurt forever…
It was almost two months into the first semester of undergrad when I finally found two gay friends that I could explore and share this new found life. I would soon learn two valuable lessons about friendships in the gay community, but that is another post for another day. Mike and Adrian constantly talked about Mr. D… oh how tall… oh how sexy… he is such a dog… I just wanna go down on him one good time… I have gone down on him one good time….

For weeks this seemed to go on and on… one day driving through campus, Adrian recognized his car passing us on the opposite side of the street. This brief encounter led to at least 30 more minutes of the constant talk and for me that was enough. I was tired of hearing about this mystery man and fellow student. So I convinced Mike to invite him over for dinner. Not being easily impressed and especially by the 2 of them’s opinion on a man… I did nothing to prepare for this life changing dinner.

When Mr. D arrived, I was sitting on the floor of Mike’s bedroom checking my email and the now defunct site, WBS. Mike walked him back to the room where I was to introduce us. When I looked up at him, he smiled. That same smirky smile that would drive me insane for months and years to come. It seemed like minutes before I could speak a hello as he nodded and walked back to the living room. I quickly ran into the bathroom to give myself a look over and dash back out to the living room to be near this man. We did the getting to know you 20 questions over the stir fry Mike prepared and talked about me looking for a job on campus.

Dinner was over and Mike was getting ready to take me back to campus when Mr. D suggested that he could take me since he was on his way. Mike protested and said it was necessary he would take me but I interjected and agreed with Mr. D. On the ride home, Mike called my cell twice asking questions and being nosey and seeing if he had dropped me off yet. We arrived at my campus apartment where we sat at talked for a few minutes. He said that he would look in his department to see if there was a job available and would give Mike a call to let me know since he didn't have my number. Me in my blondness didn’t see the hint… but raddled off my number and told him he could just call me. Mr. D didn’t write the number down, so I just assumed he wasn’t serious... so I jumped out the car and continued to my room. As soon as I hit the door my phone was ringing… it was Mr. D. He inquired to what I was doing. A huge smile ran across my face as I told him looking for something to eat.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were hungry we could have stopped and got something… come outside.” As I walked out he was coming back around, I hopped in as my then roommate was driving up giving me an odd look. We knew all the same people, so for me to be jumping in some strangers car had to spark his curiosity. We got some fast food and ended back in his dorm room eating and playing video games… I awoke the next morning not knowing my life had been changed. And from that day we were together for the next 3 years. It was my first relationship and a life changing few years. Mr. D taught me so much about the life, about love, about dating, and most importantly about myself.

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celeste said...

omg not "i just wanna go down on him one good time"

Cocoa Rican said...

My hats off... I know the feeling...there are always those in our past that still hold a special place...ummm...right...that's what you were saying...right pa? LOL
Good story.

WiseYoungMan said...

Ahh that was touching....I'm still waiting for any semblance of that, you're lucky to have that