Random Thoughts this Friday morning...

  1. Now that the CW Network sees the error of their ways by moving 'Black Night', you know Girlfriends, Everybody Loves Chris, and the rest of them shows, back to Monday... will Girlfriends still be the same without Jill Marie Jones?
  2. So doctors think marijuana may slow Alzheimer's disease... is this a step forward for the legalization of weed or at least medicinal mary-j??
  3. Why do people feel they can tell others how they should feel about something???
  4. I still do not understand how Noah's Arc can be Logo's 'breakout series' but yet only get 8 episodes. Trying to wrap up old story lines and create new ones... was just a bit too much for 8 episodes.
  5. And since I am on Noah's Arc... as much as I think this season was an improvement from last season... the acting in episode 207: Baby Can I Hold You was absolutely dreadful. The fake tears and emotion... I demand that episode be reshot before it makes it to DVD.
  6. Don't take this the wrong way because I love Michael Knight's vision and style... but was I the only one rejoicing while watching the reunion episode when he flashed that smile and showed.... braces!!!
  7. Why do people I never talked to, thought about, or even met while living in DC, think I want to "chill" with them just because I am coming back.... UMM NO!!
  8. Now that the Bushes and Bill Frist are rallying behind Hastert is his job safe again????
  9. Only 3 more weeks till Once Again, John Legend's sophomore disc...
  10. Don't you find the ball photos on Frank Leon Robert's site somewhat intriguing???


celeste said...

im so happy they are moving girlfriends back to monday even though Jill is gone

Anonymous said...

i think the ball photos show an interesting and creative outlet... i check his site weekly to see more.

Sir-real said...

i agree with random thought #5...like come on...lol!

lj said...

Noahs Arc definately needs more time to develope....Jenson Atwood, while fine as all hell..is not always a very good actor.
I too enjoy the ball photos or maybe it's just those shirtless boys...lol