Welcome to Atlanta...

On behalf of Mayor Shirley Franklin and the residents of the Atlanta metropolitan area… we welcome you (and especially your tax dollars) to Atlanta and the Annual Gay Pride weekend. Whether you arrive by plane, train, bus (don’t front cause you know some of you will be on Greyhound), or driving… please pick up a map of Atlanta from the nearest rental car desk or gas station and stop asking folks to “chill and show me around”, gas costs too much and you are not hardly interested in seeing the sites.

On Saturday… as you are cruising Lenox Mall we ask that you purchase something besides a Chickfila sandwich from the food court. (please also leave the straight folks alone while at Lenox for some reason they seem to forget what weekend it is… and always walk around questioning why is this mall gayer than usual).

On Sunday… while hanging out at the 1st Annual Unity Picnic in Piedmont Park keep two things in mind: 1) the park closes at dark and 2) stay away from those bushes by the tennis courts. On Monday (Tuesday if you just must) we ask that you pack your bags and take only what you brought with you or have receipts for and go home… Atlanta is currently at its homo resident limit and currently over our traffic capacities, so no new residents at this time!! (one exception to this rule: tall, light, masculine, educated, attractive, over 25 but under 35, employed, single with a great sense of humor and beautiful thighs and smile… otherwise you gotta go)

On the serious tip while here make sure you check out the events hosted by In the Life Atlanta and the hottest parties of the weekend brought to you by the Lions Den.

The Atlanta Welcoming Committee

If I would've known, that you had to go
But so suddenly, so bad
How could it be, not a straight memory worthy of
All that we had made
Now that you're gone, every day I go on
But life's just not the same
I'm so empty inside, and my tears I can't hide
But I'll try, I'll try to face the pain

Oh, there was so many things
That we could have shared, uh-huh
And time was on our side
Now that you're gone, I can still feel you near
So I'll smile, with every tear I cry

How sweet, were the losses to spare?
But I'll wait for the day
When I'll see you again, see you again, yeah

Nigel Alexander Baptiste-Williams
March 12, 1989 - August 30, 2005

You never know how good things are until its too late.

I Ain't Paying for Sex

As I watching the Today Show and checking my email and online messages this morning, I got a very interesting message.

XXX: Yo sup man feeling your profile. Definitely want to get up with u if u are down hit my profile and get at me.

So I am like who the hell is this… I check his profile to see this attractive, 23yo kid who is an escort who is not interested in fem, fat or white men.

Me: Thanks for the shout man but I’m not looking and I don’t pay for sex

XXX: Aight cool jus gettin my hustle on.

So now escorts are recruiting customers? Escorts have requirements? I don’t quite get that but whatever works…

So this topic was still on my drive in today. What is the difference of someone sleeping with someone for free and sleeping with someone for compensation? Whether it is financial, a gift, emotional, or just companionship aren’t we all sleeping with someone for something?

Escorts are just having casual sex but getting paid for it… I actually think they may be the smarter ones. But I sill ain’t paying for sex!!

To Tell or Not to Tell...

So for the past two weeks, my friend (for the sake of this story we will call him Mike) that recently moved from Ohio to New York has been talking about this sex party he was invited to. I had never been to one so I told him I wanted full details when he got home that early Sunday morning… regardless of what time just call me.

Well two days later I finally get the call and Mike goes on to tell me about how it was nothing he ever could have imagined. Just walking into a room and people everywhere groaping, moaning, and freaking. He said he was in the very dark apartment all of an hour, until he ran into a friend (we will call him Tony) that he knew from back home. (Momma always said… be on your best behavior you never know where you will run into someone) But that isn’t the point of this story… maybe a hour later he sees his friend Tony getting banged out by two dudes while several others stood around watching…

Before I finish this story, let me just say that I do not judge anyone’s sexual activities as long as you are not physically or emotionally harming anyone, and will say I have been quite curious and always wanted to be a fly on the wall at one of these things… back to the story

So of course he stood around and watched as a guy next to him that was watching began to feel him up. After watching for a few minutes he saw the guy pull out of his friend and noticed for the first time that evening that the dude wasn’t wearing a condom. I immediately asked was anyone using them and where they even there and he said yes everyone he saw had been. But that isn’t the point of this story…

The guy Tony from Ohio is HIV positive. And as another guy went to take his turn this time with a condom, nothing from Tony but moans. So my first question was are you sure he is HIV positive, and Mike says yes they were once good friends back in Ohio and he has heard it from the guys mouth.

So my question is even if you are having safe sex… is it the person’s responsibility to tell their partner or partners that they are HIV positive, even if they do not ask??

Dirty Laundry and more come to Atlanta

Well thanks to a couple of readers I have found out that Dirty Laundry is indeed coming to Atlanta and a few other select cities...

In The Life ATL, the official host of Atlanta's Black Pride, whose website predicts will be 40,000 people strong this year, are hosting a film festival with Dirty Laundry being the opening night feature.

Dirty Laundry, directed by Maurice Jamal, is a dramedy that follows a traditional small-town southern family, dealing with the secrets that are uncovered when the long-lost son (Rockmond Dunbar) suddenly returns home from a seemingly perfect life in New York. In the center of the conflict is the mother (Loretta Devine), who's own story holds as much drama and secrecy as her son's.

Dirty Laundry will premier at 7:00pm at the Rich Theatre Robert W. Woodruff Arts Center visit the ITLA film festival website for more info.

And for those who have become intrigued by the Ball life courtesy of the Frank Roberts and Clay Cane's ball blog entries.... ITLA will be featuring How Do I Look by Wolfgang Busch. As a follow up to the 1990 Miramax documentary film Paris is Burning on New York transgender and gay Ball culture, How Do I Look continues where Paris is Burning left off. Since 1997, director Wolfgang Busch and company has been documenting the "Balls", where the "Old School" and the "New School Legends" are competing in a safe and artistic environment at locations such as Harlem, the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn. The "children", members of the "Houses", compete for trophies and cash prizes, representing their "House" to become a "Legend" one day. "Old School" meets "New School", and surprise?they all can get along! How Do I Look is a New York organization that serves as an artistic community empowerment project sending strong HIV/AIDS awareness messages through screenings, lectures, politicians, AIDS & community based organizations and the media.

How Do I Look will begin at 4:30pm. Just another thing to do while in Atlanta besides cruise Lenox mall... party with the Lions Den fellas... and ummm do whatever you do at your respective hotels, motels, and places of stay!!

oooo so Sticky

I must admit growing up I was never really into rap music... but there were a few groups that I had to cop every LP they put out... Salt-n-Peppa, Will Smith (shush), and ONYX. It wasn't until much later that I realized why ONYX stuck out so much for me . Frontman Kirk "Stickyfingaz" Jones just does it for me. The Brooklyn native began his career by performing with his cousin Fredro Starr. The pair were soon discovered by the late rap legend Jam Master Jay. They released a few albums and then he went solo and branched off into a film career.

The IMDb database lists over 40 acting credits to his name including 4 new films that are not out, of which he directed 2. We have seen him in very small roles on Moesha, Next Friday, and CSI Miami, but last night when reading up on some of the new fall shows I discovered that Sticky has a new leading role on SpikeTV's Blade: The Series. Now I have never seen any of Wesley Snipes version of Blade and know very little of what the show is about, but I will most definitely be checking out the new television series.

I also read somewhere that Onyx has a new CD coming out soon.

Maurice Jamal & Dirty Laundry featured on AOL Blackvoices

I don't know about you but I am eagerly anticipating Maurice Jamal's Dirty Laundry. While I have yet to find a release date or at least a preview date for Atlanta... I did hear that it would be coming out this holiday season. I came across these two interviews on AOL Blackvoices:

Maurice Jamal

Loretta Devine

10 Random Thoughts on this Monday afternoon...

1. Danity Kane? What the hell where the ladies of Making the Band 3 thinking with that name? Did the show just quickly come to an end because Diddy was bored? Now that the show is over will we hear from them again?

2. Why people always claim they want someone real but they are rarely real with themselves?

3. First Tiger Woods... now Barack Obama will grace the cover of the quarterly Men's Vogue.

4. First Barbara and the View now even Payless has dropped Star Jones... could it get any worse?

5. It may just be my aries but I hate passive men... and I think all of their mommas should be slapped.

6. Why is Tina Brown (the King of R&B's sister) claiming she sold her sister-in-law Whitney Houston out to the Enquirer for $200k... to encourage her sister to get clean? I know my girl Whitney may be a recovering crack head but I don't think she is that dumb.

7. Why does every lil gay boy think he is the next model just because he was in some church or local fashion show? I mean seriously they need some better aspirations.

8. Why do people hit you up and say I am visiting your city can you show me around? Can we stop bullshitting and just be real?

9. Why do I always want some Chickfila on Sundays?

10. Why am I so disappointed by Beyonce's second single off "B-Day" (and why was the DJ claiming he had an exclusive last night at the club... when they been playing it on the radio for a week.)???????

Noah Sails Again

Well Noah and crew are back and a few of the questions that we were left with at the end of Season 1, which seems like an eternity ago, were finally answered. If you don't want to know what happened I advise you to stop reading now..... well Tray is back from Africa and now the allegedly str8 friend, Guy, is sleeping on their couch since his girlfriend broke up with him and kicked him out while he was away, and Tray is back sleeping in bed with Alex.... Chance and Eddie are living the married life... the beginning scene twist with Noah in bed with the sex party dude who he has been dating since season 1 ended was quite unexpected but yet refreshing (I personally hate happily ever after stories... save that shit for Snow White). And the oh so sexy Wade now has a new ubersexy boi, Dre.

Ricky was back to him old self... however there was no mention of Junito (even though he is listed on the casting list on the Logo page)

I think season 2 has definitely started off as a better overall show than the first season and the story line already has me hooked and ready for next week's episode. Did you catch it? What did you think?

check out Keith Boykin's interview with actor Jensen Atwood who plays Wade.

The 2006 Black Weblog Awards

You have one week left to cast your nominations for the 2006 Black Weblog Awards.
for more information visit
and there are prizes so ummm needless to say vote for me 2!!!
On August 16, the top three nominated sites from each of the categories will be posted and open voting for the finalists will be open from August 16 - August 31.
Some of my nominations have included:

Best New Blog
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Black Blogger Achievement Award
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from Top to Bottom... a book review

When a friend in DC told me Michael-Christopher had written a book... I immediately assumed it was another in his comic book series Living the Life... until he mentioned the title... from Top to Bottom. My initial response was "what the hell is that bout?"... his response was just support him and read it. Well I finally got the opportunity to read the book and umm... well it was... what it is.

The premise behind the book and I do mean the entire book is... Bottom boy Virgil is in a relationship with top Rodney... Virgil comes to Atlanta for a conference and some country South Carolina boy jumps on top of him and is like I want that dick... well nothing happens (yawn) and Virgil goes back to DC beating himself up over an affair that never actually happened in Atlanta and now wants his total top boyfriend to be versatile after 2 years of dating. Fifteen drawn out chapters later... he finally tells Rodney he wants to hit it... which sends Rodney into a manic craze... running from the apartment say hell no my booty is off limits... and the story ends.

After chapter 3, I called my friend and demanded him to promise me that the entire book would not be about this wimpy boy not being able to talk to the man he has been in a relationship with for 2 years. I felt the characters were very transparent... and the story line was somewhat unbelievable... or at least I would hope it was. I feel Michael-Christopher was too detailed in his description of DC, that an average reader not being from the city would never quite understand.

One good thing about this book is that it has the ability to start discussions that should be addressed in the black LGBT community. The first being the stereotypes that surround gender roles and sexual preference. Bloggers like Valentino have deciphered it and Derrick Briggs has teased us with the beginning of a story about it. (Derrick's book club featured Michael-Christopher and his book this past Saturday)

As always I encourage you to pick the book up yourself... support the author... and make your own judgment... these are just my thoughts....

Must I Date Your Friend too??

Moving to Atlanta and entering the dating scene again has been quite an experience. Some of those I have shared in this blog. But something happened this week and it just struck a nerve and has been on my mind all week.

So I was sitting around the house minding my own business, not bothering anyone when I get a call from a guy that I dated for a few weeks earlier this summer. He was a nice guy that I had actually been communicated with before moving to Atlanta in an attempt to establish new friendships. So what was to be just hanging out turned into us spending a lot of time together and going on a few dates over the course of three weeks. And then came the oh this is moving to fast I need space nonsense (also known as I ain’t ready to settle down just yet I gotta see what else is out there, mind you a serious relationship was never on my mind but it is whatever). But that is not the point of this blog entry… so he calls me out of the blue and in the midst of the conversation keeps bringing up the Sugar Water Festival this weekend starring Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, and Queen Latifah… anyway so he asks me if I was planning to go because he had no one to go with and after agreeing to go, I get hit with… Let me ask my boy before I buy tickets to see if he wants to go too.

Did you not just say you had no one to go with?
Why are you asking me to go if you were going to ask your boy?
(FYI: The correct way to do that was to ask your boy first then ask me if I wanted to go along with you guys)

Back in June, I had been casually dating this one guy for several weeks. We often had to cancel or readjust our plans because he said, “My roommate is feeling left out.” Mind you the roommate went to Morehouse, and with all the homos at that school I am sure he had some friends somewhere in this damn city. Feeling left out? Am I dating him too? The last straw for me came, right after my cabin trip where I had been gone for like 5 days to get back to the city, anxious to spend some time with him. So I invite him out to eat… and on his way to my house he asks would I mind if his roommate joined us for dinner. So me being me I said yes I would but if that is what you want its fine. Long story short… just me and Dominican go to dinner but on the way home to chill and watch a movie, he says he wants to stop by Atlantic Station (outdoor shopping complex for you non Atlanta folks)… where what his roommate is…. only to come to find out that via text message while we were at dinner he had made plans with to go see a movie. As soon as I found out I bounced… I hope he enjoyed that movie.

I never expect anyone to distance themselves from their friends just because they are dating. But there has to be some sort of separation. And what kind of pressed friend would always want to be the third wheel… I mean every now and then its whatever, lets all go hang out but damn!!

Why do I keep running into people that expect me to date them and their friends?

Layonce Knowles feat. Gay ZZZZ - Deja Vu

Absolutely Hilarious