Dirty Laundry and more come to Atlanta

Well thanks to a couple of readers I have found out that Dirty Laundry is indeed coming to Atlanta and a few other select cities...

In The Life ATL, the official host of Atlanta's Black Pride, whose website predicts will be 40,000 people strong this year, are hosting a film festival with Dirty Laundry being the opening night feature.

Dirty Laundry, directed by Maurice Jamal, is a dramedy that follows a traditional small-town southern family, dealing with the secrets that are uncovered when the long-lost son (Rockmond Dunbar) suddenly returns home from a seemingly perfect life in New York. In the center of the conflict is the mother (Loretta Devine), who's own story holds as much drama and secrecy as her son's.

Dirty Laundry will premier at 7:00pm at the Rich Theatre Robert W. Woodruff Arts Center visit the ITLA film festival website for more info.

And for those who have become intrigued by the Ball life courtesy of the Frank Roberts and Clay Cane's ball blog entries.... ITLA will be featuring How Do I Look by Wolfgang Busch. As a follow up to the 1990 Miramax documentary film Paris is Burning on New York transgender and gay Ball culture, How Do I Look continues where Paris is Burning left off. Since 1997, director Wolfgang Busch and company has been documenting the "Balls", where the "Old School" and the "New School Legends" are competing in a safe and artistic environment at locations such as Harlem, the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn. The "children", members of the "Houses", compete for trophies and cash prizes, representing their "House" to become a "Legend" one day. "Old School" meets "New School", and surprise?they all can get along! How Do I Look is a New York organization that serves as an artistic community empowerment project sending strong HIV/AIDS awareness messages through screenings, lectures, politicians, AIDS & community based organizations and the media.

How Do I Look will begin at 4:30pm. Just another thing to do while in Atlanta besides cruise Lenox mall... party with the Lions Den fellas... and ummm do whatever you do at your respective hotels, motels, and places of stay!!


Anonymous said...

seems like a good line up... and im mad u said crusing at lenox

colinnyc said...

never heard of How Do I Look but it looks interesting