10 Random Thoughts on this Monday afternoon...

1. Danity Kane? What the hell where the ladies of Making the Band 3 thinking with that name? Did the show just quickly come to an end because Diddy was bored? Now that the show is over will we hear from them again?

2. Why people always claim they want someone real but they are rarely real with themselves?

3. First Tiger Woods... now Barack Obama will grace the cover of the quarterly Men's Vogue.

4. First Barbara and the View now even Payless has dropped Star Jones... could it get any worse?

5. It may just be my aries but I hate passive men... and I think all of their mommas should be slapped.

6. Why is Tina Brown (the King of R&B's sister) claiming she sold her sister-in-law Whitney Houston out to the Enquirer for $200k... to encourage her sister to get clean? I know my girl Whitney may be a recovering crack head but I don't think she is that dumb.

7. Why does every lil gay boy think he is the next model just because he was in some church or local fashion show? I mean seriously they need some better aspirations.

8. Why do people hit you up and say I am visiting your city can you show me around? Can we stop bullshitting and just be real?

9. Why do I always want some Chickfila on Sundays?

10. Why am I so disappointed by Beyonce's second single off "B-Day" (and why was the DJ claiming he had an exclusive last night at the club... when they been playing it on the radio for a week.)???????


Anonymous said...

you are so arrogant

ReddMann said...

Conceited actually... but thanks for noticing and reading.. stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

:-) You are so mean .. . "It may just be my aries but I hate passive men... and I think all of their mommas should be slapped." . . . LOL!!!!!!!

Celeste said...

im still trying to figure out what a danity kane is

Dayne Avery said...

Im laughing my ass off at #7. So that means the fashion show I did back in 1987 for the Pilgrim Baptist sweet honey in the rock on the hill church doesnt make me a real model???? HOW DARE YOU! LOL

P.S. And you showing skin now??

Soldier said...

LMAO at these questions, i've been asking myself some of then things for a while now.
Passive men. i just cant deal with them. i tried though, for years
lol @ the models, what about the singers ? lol... they're everywhere now that there's youtube !!!
# 8, very true

where's the arrogance in that post ? ome on that was real

kennyking78 said...

Payless dropped Star? Man, that is just slap in the face!

Enigmatic1 said...

#2, #5, #7, #8, #9, AND #10 ain't nuffin' but the TRUTH! LOL

Damn ChickfilA for bein' closed on Sundays!!!

goodguy said...

yeah i agree with u on the beyonce second song, im so not feeling it, i really want her to take a break and come back in 2 years than i will love everything about, but for now, BEYONCE PLZ TAKE A BREAK GURL!!!!