Robin, John, and him....

Last night Robin Thicke and John Legend put on a show... and a damn good one at that. The Tabernacle was packed to the rafters and hot as a 5 fat girls in a Ford Focus in Arizona. Even Usher came out to take in the show.

Robin Thicke opened the show 30 minutes late giving an energetic performance, with relatively strong vocals on R&B--tinged pop tunes from his album The Evolution of Robin Thicke and his first album that I can't recall the name of. But after his strong performance I will be picking them both up.

In true diva like fashion.... what had to be at the very least an hour after Robin left the stage, Legend's band and backup singers took the stage. To think just two years ago a then-unknown John Legend was setting up a keyboard on the sidewalk outside of Philips Arena 2 blocks away, ready to croon "Ordinary People" for pretty much anyone that asked.

So when the now three-time Grammy winner finally took stage backed by a band that included three flawless backup singers, two keyboardists, a guitarist and a drummer, Legend slid behind his own baby grand piano and banged out hits from both albums including my favorites Heaven, PDA, and Stereo. Just like the album, he alternates between '60s-era Motown soul and lounge music throughout the concert. I think every single is so retro that even my mother would enjoy nearly every track.

Attending the concert with not only a fan of Legend... but a fan of music made the night even better. The surprising highlight of the evening was while John was singing P.D.A., him was staring at me singing along and leaned over to kiss me. At first I was shocked... like did this dude just kiss me in the middle of this concert. And then the row of ladies behind us hit me with an, 'awww i wish i had a date to kiss me too', which led to my embarrassment. But I must say it felt good.

A late night dinner with great conversation just topped off a memorable evening.


life said...

I wanted to get the review on this concert. sigh...Another missed moment...maybe something similiar will happen in the future.

Anonymous said...

ok and who is him

Omar Ramon said...

i love john's album and Thicke( the name under which he originally debuted) is fly as well.

sounds like a bangin concert. glad u enjoyed yaself.

u described JL's album veyr well. I'm lovin the retro feel. I was already afan and then he flipped it on me. i think i'm well on my way to becoming a groupie.

Atlanta said...

im jealous u didnt invite me