An Evening with John Legend and Robin Thicke

This Thursday evening I will have the opportunity to finally hear and see John Legend perform live. The Once Again Tour sponsored by Bailey's is coming to the Tabernacle here in Atlanta and of course I scooped up a couple tickets as soon as I heard the tour was coming to town.

John Legend's brand of sexy, sophisticated music was a needed surprise that seem to come out of nowhere in 2005. His style of music is so different and so fresh from most of what's out in contemporary R&B right now, it remained to be seen if he could duplicate the success of his Get Lifted album. And unlike some new artist, who come out with a second album and try and flip the script... John gave us a new album that was even more sophisticated, more grown and even more sexy. Now I am by no means saying this new album is just a duplication of his last. This album has no guest appearances and is more ballad driven than the first.

I am so looking forward to hearing the mix of soul, blues, and gospel influences that have shaped Once Again into yet another masterpiece.

As an added bonus Robin Thicke is opening for John. While I have only heard a couple tracks of his Evolution of Robin Thicke... the ones I have heard like Can U Believe and Wanna Love You Girl, I know the boy can sing. So I will definitely be looking forward to his set as well.

It should definitely be a memorable evening.


celeste said...

ok bitch im officially jealous... I WANNA GO!!!

Enigmatic1 said...

Tell me how it goes! I'm loving his latest album. "PDA" is one of my favorites on there.

life said...

Damn, I didn't hear about this and ticketmaster doesn't have anymore tickets

Cocoa Rican said...

You know John is my man! Lawd.... enjoy!