Random Thoughts about the BET Hip Hop Awards

So happy BET Hip Hop Awards weekend went off without one shooting, stabbing, or good ole fashioned pimp slapping. Atlanta Police spokesman James Polite said there have been no reports of crime or violence associated with the BET event.

I guess everyone gave their stylist the night off because almost everyone looked a hot mess. I mean what was Monica thinking… liker her album, she looked a hot shitty mess.

I have no clue to why Flava Flave and Deelishous (or however he ebonically spelt her name) are news and even better yet why people are so fascinated with that train wreck of a show.

Why are all the local radio shows reporting that there was hardly any applause during the entire show??? Was it that bad.

I wonder are people dreading that MARTA ever brought “that crowd” to the Buckhead area after it taking an hour to get to the too crowded Lenox Mall parking lot turned car show.

Why did this young fag (sorry but that is the only word that can accurately describe him) tell me he had ordered some new Gucci outfit and him and his friends were renting a Phantom… as he sleeps on his friends couch in a low budget apartment building and sits in the balcony at the awards.

Why did the news show the sole protestor of the award show holding a sign telling video vixens to put on some clothes… as she stood there in a midriff in the middle of a cold November evening.

Why must our community always have alcohol sponsors events. (i.e. Courvoisier Presents The Official 2006 BET Hip-Hop Awards After Party.)

FINAL WORD: I didn't invite the awards show here, but I should have," said Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin. "It just makes sense with our music industry that they be here, and I hope they return."


celeste said...

mad u said "that crowd" u are so dumb

Anonymous said...

i thought monica looked nice

twinston1911 said...

awww come on, Flava of love was the show man, how could anyone NOT watch every episode. Go Buckey! lol