A Weekend with Friends

If there is one thing I have come to learn about DC, since moving here 6 years ago, is that the residents on DC only need a one reason to party. And today being a federal holiday, making it a 3 day weekend was the reason for this past weekend.

The weekend started for me by going to a small get together to play spades at my boy Tim's house. Most of the regulars were there as well as couple new faces... always the usual. And of course me and my partner ran the table. The party then moved to the Edge nightclub and Darryl Wilson's Bounce Fridays. Darryl had invited the City Gym Boys of NY to do an underwear fashion show and Tyson Beckford made an appearance. In all honesty I only briefly remember any of them because by the time they made it to the stage I was on my 2nd lil blue drink (my friend and bartender Cory is always looking out) and probably my 5th drink since dinner.

Saturday, my good friend from NY, Dizyaboy and his boy Alex, nixed their plans for a weekend getaway to LA (why the hell anyone wants to get away to there I wouldn't understand) and came down to kick it the rest of the weekend. A little shopping.. alot of eating... a little drinking... a lot of sleeping. Saturday was definitely a restful chill day for the all of us.

Sunday I was awaken by the clammer of pots and aroma of food from my kitchen... usually any food aroma from the kitchen is from take out in the microwave. Alex had got up and made all of us breakfast. Pancakes and eggs... (where he found that pancake mix I still have no clue). We spent the rest of the day at the gym and Target. Now everyone that knows me knows I love me some Target (seeing I got about $100 in Target gift certificates for Xmas, someone was paying attention) But anyway I am probably in Target 3 times a month, every month. My cousin, JP, says there is something in there besides Tide that keeps bringing me back. Well as I was going for my Tide with Bounty... I noticed this attractive dude checking on me. We talked and exchanged numbers, with promises to get up later. Maybe JP was right.

We ended Sunday at Love. Darryl Wilson's new Sunday night spot which will quickly put the other Sunday night spots out of commission. A couple of drinks... alot of music... some dancing and socializing made for a pretty damn end to the weekend. I was awaken by Eric this morning as he said his goodbyes and headed back to NYC. (Did I mention him and Alex are only the best houseguets... removing the linens from the bed before they left, washing dishes and cooking... open invite whenever!)

Definitely a great weekend with friends... back to bed I go now!!


DizYaBoy said...

We had a great weekend wit you. Can't wait to do it again!