Dear Whitney....

You are really beginning to piss me off. Why do you continue to play with my emotions? You should have stayed with Clive and never married that crack head. At least Clive knew how to hide the ghetto New Jersey side of you. You always get my hopes up with the rehab stints but then you... get out and do some crazy bullshit in Alpharetta. You know them white folks up there are just waiting to say they say Whitney do this and Whitney do that. Move to Stone Mountain if you want to carry on like that. You make one big musical appearance a year or every other year... and I am like yes she is on the path to coming back... and then you pulled this bullshit you pulled in Turino.

Do you know how excited I was to hear you would be performing at the Winter Olympics? When I first read that along side the award ceremonies for the competing athletes, every night there was going to be a show with the best stars of the international music scene including you... I was shocked. Finally someone recognizes that you still have some talent left in you somewhere. Since they weren't broadcasting the concert, I waited and waited for a clip or a news bite of your February 19, 2006 performance. And when I finally hear of your less than stellar performance... where you missed nearly every note... my heart broke once again. And then to hear your reason:

"Why did they choose to do this outdoors? I don't sing in the cold. It makes my voice funny." - Whitney

Whitney I need you to do one of two things.... get it together or leave the scene before you ruin what is left of the memories of one of the greatest voices ever.