ANIMBACK... again

Ok no more emails or IMs asking me whats wrong.... everything is going well, I have just been focusing on different things and have been uninspired to write. But of course that doesn't mean life has stopped... so here is a quick answer to "what the hell has been going on man?!?"

  • Back on the road again.... 2006 has kicked off and I recently returned from my third trip so far. Philly was the first trip and was really cool. I reconnected with one friend and met another who has proven to be quite a character so far. I think I will call him Chill for two reasons... he is calming and alcohol.
  • Next was off to Chicago.... I was there for a week at the posh W Lakeshore. Always good to see my friends there and lucky for me the weather was abnormally nice.
  • And returning this week from my Texas tour. I hit Dallas, Houston, Austin, and Midland. I saw old friends and family and did some work while out there. But like they say it is always nice to go home... and be able to leave again!!!
  • I have also been networking like crazy... my desire to switch from the client/event planner side to the hotel/catering side has proven to be a challenge. Lucky I have met some good people in the industry that have gotten my resume to some of the right people. I have been saying prayers on that and hopefully something will open up soon.
  • I have also began to look into purchasing my first home. I was preapproved for a mortgage and seeing my lease is ending soon, I thought it was the best time to see what was out there. And let me say the housing market in DC sucks. It definitely takes 2 incomes or at least 2 of my incomes... to be able to afford something nice and spacious. This reason alone has made me start looking for jobs back in Atlanta. If I don't find anything in the next few weeks... I will be rooming with a friend of mine so we can both save money on living expenses and revisit this idea in another year.
  • Boys... Boys... Boys.... of course no new entry into the blogworld would be complete without a mentioning of men. Dancerthighs is making a reappearance... after finding out over the Xmas holiday that he had slept with a friend of mine way before I knew him it kind of put me off... but then I realized ummm duh he didn't know your dumb ass then, get over it! Then there is the Blatino... young, dumb and full of cum is the only way to describe him... he is cool people I like hanging out with him. And we can't forget Frenchy... we have went to dinner once and hung out he is cool but seems to be very guarded and likes to be pursued.... which we all know ain't me but he is cool and if nothing more we will be good friends.
  • And of course I save the best for last KravingATL .... still has my heart even from miles away. Makes you wonder if things were different... would it be a perfect world?!?!


DizYaBoy said...

wow ... sounds like a lot of going on.

All good things, of course.

Can a brotha make another visit to tha district be4 u move?

antneya said...

Good Luck on the House hunt..its tedious in DC to find something good instead of moving to P.G. or Mont County.

Valentino said...

ohhh...kravingATL must be special...