Today We Said Goodbye to 1225 R Street

As I walked into the sanctuary, memories and emotions began to cloud my thoughts. I found a seat next to a woman I had seen many times before further back from where I would normally seat, but the early crowd made it apparent I wasn't the only one who had come to say goodbye.

I guess she had noticed the complexion on my face and how I was looking around because she reached over and touched my hand and said, "Barack is not the only change that has come to Washington." Through our conversation, I learned the now 72 year old widow had joined Metropolitan over 40 years ago when her and her husband relocated to Washington to teach at Howard. She had raised 4 children who were all baptized at Metropolitan. Two were married here. And she funeralized her husband who passed from prostate cancer here as well.

My history with Metropolitan didn't stretch decades. But the Met was the first of about 10 churches I visited when first moving to DC in 2000. Out of all the churches it was the only one that felt like home. I will never forget the Miracle in May service that year. During that one service the congregation raised $750,000 towards the vision of the new church building. I remember vividly in 2001 when me and my bestfriend joined the church together. I remember in 2003 when 1225 was actually sold to Unity Fellowship. I remembered missing the Met when I moved to Atlanta and the excitement of returning when circumstances moved me back. I remembered the sermon, Beecher Hicks preached on faith, after FLJ passed.

But today was the day we came to say goodbye to 1225 R Street. The tone of the today's message was definitely in direct correlation to the tone of we are living in today. The volatile economic environment has affected everyone and everything... including the financing of the construction of the new Metropolitan. The message was to "let go, let God" and to have faith because He hasn't failed us yet.

Even though I was totally for the move, I think it took today for me to realize why some members were against it. For me it was definitely a sad service but within my heart I am sure to survive another 144 years, Metropolitan must continue to grow and this move is just apart of that growth.


Anonymous said...

144 years that is a long history to have. i think my church has only been around 30 years.

The Voice of DemondMaurice said...

I am glad to have played a small part in getting you to Metropolitan. I learned and grew so much spiritually there which gave me the courage to go further, trust God more, and be faithful over the little things.

I was there for the Homecoming Reunion Choir, but due to my sinuses I wasn't able to sing. I made one rehearsal and it was so good seeing all the familiar faces.

I know people are sad to see the Met leave DC because of its historical background, but one things is for sure; you can't change history. I look forward to seeing the ministry move forward and give more people what I got from the ministry; a foundation.

Anonymous said...
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