Real World 20:3&4

Real World: Hollywood Ep. 3 Where's Joey?

Yet another episode totally consumed with alcohol and drinking. I am just waiting on one of these former roommates hasn't sued MTV yet for turning them into alcoholics. So as they had to the bar roommate Joey finds his former alcoholism at a conflict with the roommate lifestyle. "I can have fun without it as he downs drink number 3," says the fool. So Joey and former stripper Brianna start making out on the dance floor then she turns and kisses some random girl in the club. Only to realize the girl had been doing coke... which she gave up 2 months ago. And then drunk Joey turns into suicidal Joey.... draaaaama.

Since the crew is in Hollywood there will be no job but instead the roommates will be taking improv classes to put on a showcase at the end of the season... "Florals for spring... groundbreaking."

So most of the show was about addictions, drugs, and drinking... but I am sure they will be at a bar in the next episode. Episode 3 and I am already getting bored with this season.

Real World: Hollywood Ep. 4 Joey's Intervention

So the show opens with former stripper Brianna and resident cutie Will heading back to Philly so she can face a warrant for her arrest, as Joey sits at the kitchen table longing to be with her. She isn't out of the door 5 minutes before the female roommates start dogging strippers out.

So as soon as they get to Philly before the boy can even shower... Brianna takes Will to this dive of a strip bar, that looks like it is a double wide or something. As the roommates on the other coast go where..... yep to a bar. Which the night ends with Greg and Joey getting drunk and bringing home 2 unattractive girls to spend the nite.

The show ends with Joey going crazy in his drunken stupor and the producers convincing him to go to rehab for 30 days, which he agrees. Scenes for next week episode includes the roommates out drinking yet again...


Gary T. P. said...

Keep doing this so I don't have to actually watch the show. I thought maybe Real World in hollywood...hmmm...maybe they'd go on auditions get rejected..someone would get a gig...( Am I reaching for the stars?..)

Bullet Proof Soul said...

I am almost done but I want to see more because I feel like there is more to these people. My two cents:

Episode 3: They picked the right people because the theme is Hollywood and this is a pretty good depiction of Hollyood, beautiful people with problems. But I only have one statement for Joey. "Peer pressure ended in high school." You don't have to drink because others are doing it, period. I really didn't feel sorry for him. He could have just been serious and said no because he knows where he has been before.

Episode 4: The whyte girls need a reality check because they may have to strip one day. Pampered chicks, I swear. Seriously that strip club looked liked it was hooked to the back of a truck, no lie. Just ready to roll out in 60 seconds. But Bri seems to be happy there. It's her family. I wanna get a Geno's so bad. If you watch then you know why. Gimme mine with no whiz. Joey is straight crazy. He has some demons, seriously. Glad he is doing rehab.

Hope I didn't blog jack Mr. Williams.