From Sunday's Washington Post:

Channel Changer
Three Years Ago, Reggie Hudlin Came To Save a Troubled BET. But Has He?


Bernie said...

Didn't anybody tell him it was beyond fixing?

fuzzy said...

i side with bernie! It is a hot mess right now and it's simply ridiculous!

Bullet Proof Soul said...

It seems the pressure is doing something with all the reruns of old shows on now when videos aren't playing.

I believe that BET can be saved. The question is whether or not AAs will watch and support it?

As for Reggie, money will make you change your character won't it?

Bullet Proof Soul said...

With old shows I mean shows from back in the day like Malcolm & Eddie and so on.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the blacks (and others) who watch BET know what they're getting and they like it. BET is not for your black "smart class" who number, AT BEST, two or three hundred thousand. That's not enough black people to support, say, a black CNN.

Let's face it, the majority of black people like BET the way it is. How else did Robert Johnson become a BILLIONAIRE? It's called giving the people what they want. I don't like it and you and others don't like it but what percentage of the black population do we "elitists" make. Probably not even 10 percent.