yeah yeah ok shush I have been crazy busy with work for the past two weeks was to work and sleep and eat. But all that is over and I took off today to catch up on sleep but there were a lot of thoughts going through my head over the past two weeks, so I will get them all out now...

  • Oooooo R Pissy makes me sick. Defense attorney Sam Adam Jr. said the reason the alleged victim never told the witness she was having a sexual relationship with Kelly was because there wasn't one and "because it's not her on the tape." "Are you asking or telling me?" Jamison shot back. Adam also showed pictures of a shirtless Kelly and asked Jamison how she knew it was his body on the video. "His head was attached to it," she responded, drawing laughter from several jurors. Please go to jail... directly to jail... and do not collect $200.

  • No more recaps of Real World. I use to be really into that show but over the years it has lost its appeal to me.

  • Butttttttttttt.... my show So You Think You Can Dance is back!!!! Still lusting after that Danny Tidwell.

  • I see Hillary is really trying to set herself up for 2012 in case Obama doesn't win in November. All about self.

  • Now that McCain has a crazy preacher behind him... maybe we can finally move past Jeremiah Wright.

  • Gas prices and the grocery store are kicking my ass!!! I can't even do home delivery grocery because the delivery rates keep going up.

  • I think I have deferred my student loan payments as long as humanly possible... I just got my bill for next month.

  • The Game was really good this season... lets see if CW gets rid of it too.


Anonymous said...

Good-I am sick of those posts about those sleazy roommates wearing out their 15min of fame.

fuzzy said...

lol! Hilary needs to take a chill pill...

Bullet Proof Soul said...

R. Kelly - how much longer do we have to see him out on the street?

Real World - I agree. After Will leaves, I will. LOL!!

SYTYCD so far is looking up wonder if there will be another hot boy this year.

Grocery and gas, what is that? I haven't seen much of those lately cause I have to sit at home more.

CW is trying to destroy itself and doing a wonderful job I might add.