To Read... or Not to Read

Sometimes my coffee table reminds me of Miranda Priestley’s desk in the morning. A neatly placed stack of magazines for me to peruse, read, and dissect. Well as of late my stack is getting a bit unmanageable. Labor Day weekend snuck up on me so my usual Saturday morning or evenings before bed… were taken up with other activities. So finally last night... I took an hour and finally finished Men’s Vogue… featurning an interesting cover story on Barack Obama. Now that leaves me Vibe, Peach, Details, Men’s Health, Complex, Black Enterprise, Vibe Vixen (I gotta know why Jill Marie Jones really left Girlfriends), O at Home… and now two new magazines Bleu and Krave.

Now I had seen Bleu’s website and seen other bloggers mention it but I had never really got into what the magazine was until Mr. Derrick L. Briggs handed me a copy at the Lion’s Den Pool Party. Well the Bleu website describes itself better than any words I could come up with by stating it is, "A quarterly magazine focused on delivering to the world a new representation of urban-gay culture." A deeper look into the premier issue of the magazine shows an array of articles from diversity on soap operas to an interview with Kelis to something called Dear Faggy. I must say this magazine has definitely suprised me. I thought it would be mostly fluff and the latest designer fashions but Bleu delivers on content that challenges the mind as well... definitely a recommendation.

Now I came across Krave, two months ago when I volunteered my special event knowledge to a neighbor who was planning a party at the W Hotel for the magazine. Now Krave like Bleu is also a lifestyle magazine however it is geared to all men… and by the look of the past cover mode I am sure there won't be any hurting for female readers either. Krave features fashion editorials, grooming articles, and tips on fitness. While the pint size magazine is small... it definitely packs a punch and I will definitely be adding it to my subscription list.


celeste said...

damn you read alot... both magazines seem to be of interest i wish them both luck.

the bleu website is hot!

Anonymous said...

im lovin the Krave covers on their website.

colinnyc said...

damn boy how much are u spending a much on magazines????