damn do u have any dark friends
--Posted by Anonymousto
His Story 7/05/ 2006 10:07:26 AM

LOL Trent. Better claim your man. You know how some can be. Seems like you had a great time and I have to ditto anonymous' question, "damn do u have any dark friends" LOL. Anyway you make a cute group and glad you weren't lonely over the holiday.

--Posted by Ty to His Story at 7/10/2006 02:17:49 PM

What is with these crazy ass comments??? Why would one assume just because they see a picture that just happens to be filled with a group of people of lighter complexion that I wouldn't have any darker complexion friends??? Why would you even question that... unless you yourself have issues with skin complexion???

For the official record... I do have friends of darker complexion... I don't choose my friends based on their complexion but based on their personality, attractiveness, financial status, and other things that you can now dissect...

We as African Americans must get beyond skin complexion... we have so many other internal issues that complexion should be the last on the list. When someone of another race looks at me they see a black person first not a light skinned/high yellow/red bone or any other crazy ass description one comes up with to further divide us as a group.


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I have to disagree to a point. We wish others would see past the "dark-skinned/light-skinned" issue but they don't and we are fooling ourself in believing that they do.

In any event, loving what u do. Keep it up! Be encouraged all while empowering:-)

Ty said...

Much Love. I didn't mean any harm and/or wasn't questioning whether you really have friends of darker complexions. Sorry that it read to you that way. Just having some fun. Again, I apologize.