On the Road Again....

After a pretty dormant December, the new year has kicked off and I am now on my 5th business trip of the new year. A week in Philly... followed by a week in Chicago, both in January.... a week long tour of Texas included stops in Dallas , Houston and Midland.

Now I am wrapping up a week back in Philadelphia. If Philly gives you nothing else there are some really amazing restaurants. Buddakan, Bluzette, Tangerine and Washington Square are all on my recommendation list. It has been quite some time that I have had a chance to check out so many different restaurants in such a short period of time.

Always good to be going home however... the 2:15pm Amtrak back to Washington's Union Station can't come quick enough.


ProfessorB said...

Great picture. At least the window view. Enjoy your business trips.