Farewell.... Gordon Parks

All I can say is simply amazing.

Often correctly described as the pre-eminent African-American photojournalist. In 1948 Parks became the first African American photographer for Life magazine, where he worked for 20 years. Although most recognizably known for his photojournalism, Parks also shot high fashion as well as earned considerable distinction as a writer, poet, novelist, composer, and filmmaker. The second of his films, the blaxploitation movie Shaft (1971), achieved success at the box office and made him the first African-American to direct a major Hollywood film.

Parks was the true essence of a Renaissance Man.

"I chose my camera as a weapon against all the things I dislike about America -
poverty, racism, discrimination."
- from Gordon Parks' 1966 autobiography "A Choice of Weapons."


ProfessorGQ said...

Gordon is definitely a Renaissance man. I didn't know much about his accomplishments, and I am glad that I do now...

Trent Jackson said...

Thank You so much for mentioning this on your blog.

I was so relived when they gave Mr. Parks his 15 second due on the news yesterday. I was ran so low after they kepy talking about supermans wife...anyway.

Glad you've been visiting!

ReddMann said...

I totally agree all I heard on the news was Superman's wife... it wasn't till I got online this morning that I saw this tragic news.

DizYaBoy said...

Gordan Parks shoulda been on da front page ... what did Dana Reeves wife do 4 anybody anyway??