The Last Day

Well yesterday was my official last day at the National Legal Aid and Defender Association. While Friday was the last day I even attempted to do any work, yesterday I made an appereance around 10:30am to turn in my keycard (I still have to find and turn in my actual keys to the office which I am always misplacing) and to go to lunch with my girl, Maureen. Tuesday ended just the way I had planned it... very low key with most people out of the office on business travel. However on Monday as the new Director (and one reason why I chose to leave) was leaving the office for a business trip she asked me two questions 1. How could our assistant be used more effectively? and 2. Name one positive thing and negative thing about her performance so far. Well you will read the answer to number one below ... but for her second question I told her to stop pushing off work on other people and that she was a good communicator (mind you it took me at least 3 minutes of silent thinking to come up with that bullshit last part about her communication)... in return she said that I was a good party planner but could work on my thoroughness (mind you I didn't ask her opinion). So in response to that I sent her the following email (Bcc most of the people I like around the office):

After much thinking about our conversation on Monday, I have finally decided that I can not assist you in your requests.

You asked me how can Aiyana be used more effectively. I think the most effective and efficient way to get an true answer to this question is to ask Aiyana herself. While the Training Department has usually functioned as a team, we all had specific and separate duties to accomplish each day that made the team function. I know that Aiyana is consistently busy in her role and seeing the seniority she has in the department, only she would know what more she could possibly do.

You asked me to let you know exactly what work that you have passed off onto other staff members that have been the work of the Training Director and department. Well I do not feel that it is my position or responsibility to inform you of what your duties are. I believe that since Chuck and Jo Ann hired you, they or HR should inform you of your role and responsibilities. It is unfortunate that Aiyana or myself were never shown the new job description in its draft stages for our input on exactly what the Director did on a daily basis, but that decision was made higher up and now it is their issue. I encourage you to talk to your colleagues that have been complaining, I am sure they would more than happy to let you know as well. I would just remember that no one at NLADA has a secretary except Jo Ann... so your attitude towards doing certain things, like sending that box Monday to EJC, is not above you.

Your last statement to me was that I plan great parties but I could work on my thoroughness. I find your immature and unnecessary jab to be unfounded and misguided. In the entire time I have been at NLADA every conference I have produced has been complete from beginning to end. Even when other staff members and consultants have unprofessionally missed unexpected expenses such as a shuttle for participants staying at the overflow hotel and the increasing costs of AV. It was my decisions and professional advice that made the shuttle service and purchase of LCD projectors as well as other creative spending that led the conference to still make its budgetary numbers even though our registrations numbers were far below where they needed to be. And for future reference it is quite offensive to tell any meetings and event professional, that they plan great parties. But your lack of knowledge in this industry and role do not surprise me that something that rude would come out of your mouth.

Because I hate to see anyone fail, I sincerely wish you good luck in this position, because with your performance so far and how staff feels you will definitely need it.

Charles O. Williams, II

Training & Education, Meetings Manager
National Legal Aid & Defender Association (NLADA)

1140 Connecticut Avenue NWSuite 900
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (202) 452-0620, ext. 214
Fax: (202) 872-1031


Clay said...

good for you - it's always liberating leaving job especially when you can tell them how you feel

Valentino said...

Tell EM !!!! Ooooo I like

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ProfessorGQ said...

tell it like it T-I-IS!!!

ReddMann said...

RECENT UPDATE: my former assistant, Aiyana calls me today to let me know that she was just offered a government job and will be resigning on Monday herself!!

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antneya said...

WOW!!!...thats how it should be done!

Tony Keith said...

HA HA HA HA HA ha ha ha ha!!! Seems like some shyt i'd say lol...good one!

ProfessorB said...

What a great letter!