Ok so now that I am pretty much off of work for the rest of '05... I have nothing to occupy my time but sleep, watching Y&R {sidebar: why haven't I seen this in about a month and the storyline hasn't moved... don't see how people can watch this everyday.} and surfing the web.

I have been lucky to avoid any crowds shopping in Georgetown and Pentagon City for the simple fact that I haven't done any Christmas shopping. My boy Donnie keeps reminding me how I have to stop all my excessive shopping if I am going to afford a house in the near future.. he also mentioned something about giving up my digital cable and dvr {sidebar: we all remember a few entries ago my DVR was one of my favorite things in '05... so that ain't happening}. Other than opening the few gifts people gave me... the only thing I have to look forward to is the recently formed tradition of holiday dinner at my house. A few of my friends that are either not going home or do not celebrate Christmas for religious reasons are coming over to my house for dinner. All the good shit... Ham, dressing, greens, candid yams, mac and cheese prepared by yours truly.
I can be domestic at times even though I hate that type of shit.

Today also marks 10 more days till I will be sitting in seat P 108 at the Broadway Theater watching The Color Purple. While I have a few friends that have seen the show and told me tidbits (wow never thought I would actually have to use that word), I have stayed away from the segment on Oprah and most of the reviews. I want to see this show with fresh, unbias eyes. Me and 2 friends will be hanging out in NY all weekend so if you know of any hot spots to check leave a brother a message.


ShawnQt said...

I have seen the Color Purple, it was great, holla at me when u see it, we'll chat.

ProfessorB said...

Yes, digital cable is soooo expensive. And that dinner sounded delicious.