Premonition or Day Dream

I was standing there drinking my long island, a Mill long island so it only took one for the night. It had been awhile since I had been in there, barely a sophomore to the city, maybe a junior.
You walked in, I noticed you right away.. your height, your complexion... I poked Rey and nodded in your direction... you maneuvered your way through the crowd and to the bar but on your way through you passed by... I smiled, you smiled.

I changed from my suit to my sweats... another night of tv, dinner, a few chapters of my book and then sleep. Steak was grilling... potato was baking. I sit down to check my AOL email, just Bloomingdales and Monster nothing important. I move on to check the messages on the popular website, you know the one that is like a gay nightclub online... Third message was from you... I think it said something simple like how are you doing, it wasn't much more. I was shocked, I didn't even know you were on there. I respond. I wonder where this will lead. I think back onto the first time I saw you...

I looked in the mirror... not too pretty boy... not too casual. Head freshly shaved.... goatee manicured perfectly. Incense has nearly burned out, as I close the window. The apartment is filled with fresh, crisp air. There is a knock at the door... I open it. You say hello. I smile. You smile. I wake up.

Premonition or day dream

in the background: Be Without You - Mary J Blige courtesy of VH1 Soul


Valentino said...

I don't like it

ProfessorGQ said... may become true

S.A. Claiborne said...

thank you for the kind bday greeting you left. i appreciate it!!!