Some of My Favorite Things...

So I am finally back in the District after being away for two weeks catching up on all the shows I DVRed while away. And of course Oprah has inspired another blog entry. I am sitting here on the couch watching Oprah's Favorite Things eating ice cream and brownies... and it has inspired me to give you a list of my favorite things that I have experienced in 2005...

  • Edy's Slow Churned French Vanilla Ice Cream (preferably served with Duncan Hines Double Chocalate Chunk Brownies)
  • Montreal, Quebec ... a beautiful city with so much culture and activities.
  • Mercedes Benz CLS500... once again Benz brings you sophisticated elegance on wheels.
  • The Da Vinci Code ... Dan Brown put his foot in this book... from the first chapter to the end he had my attention.
  • John Varvatos a soft but masculine scent.
  • The Phoenician Spa ... until you have a hot stone massage by the serenity mother-of-pearl tiled pool with cascading waterfalls overlooking Camelback Mountain you haven't lived!!
  • A Brown Sugar Martini... never been a fan of spiced rum but a few of these had me on my ass this week
  • The iTrip... now I never have to listen to DC radio again... 1200 songs at my fingertips.
  • True Religion Jeans Joey Patchwork Style ... finally designer jeans that fit right and come with a zipper!!
  • Monday's Open Mic night at Busboys and Poets... a new coffee house in the famous U Street area of DC.
  • The Treo telephone... call me a workaholic but having my Palm pilot and cell phone with my calendar, Outlook contacts, and email all in one has been a life changing experience. With the new 700 version coming out in the new year... I will be hooked for one more year.
  • Vonage finally unlimited calling, any area code i want... all for under $25 a month.
  • Comcast DVR finally an easy way to record and watch television.
  • Commander in Chief.... the best new show on television. Tuesdays on ABC at 9pm EST.


mytruth said...

Just linked through, only oprah can pull stuff like that off. That DVR is what's up

Jamal K. Franklin said...

You're right about the damn DVR. I just got one this past weekend.

Um, I was into the iTRIP too - but it wears down the battery and not to mention, over time the metal strips that link up to the top of the iPOD can wear out...then you have to pay another $40 bucks. Not to mention here in NY with all them damn radio frequencies running all around, it was always hard to get a good station.

So, what did I do? I went ghetto as hell on them. I took one of those tape things that work w/CD players and plugged it up to my iPOD - I get great sound and that won't wear out my battery nor do I have to search for a decent radio station! It's ghetto, but the shit works!

Coming Into Reality,

Trent Jackson said...

I agree with Jamal But the Itrip is hot. They need to make one in black so it can match my I-pod all the way.

I am so with you on Vonage isn't it the best thing? Dope features...I am using #90 constantly