Are You Living in The Truth?

"The biggest surprise on the soulful journey to authenticity, whether as a philosophy or a spiritual path, is that the path is a spiral. We go up, but we go in circles. Each time around, the view gets a little bit wider."
— Sarah Ban Breathnach

What a week, what a week. Two things that happened this week got me to thinking... Am I living in my truth? The first was a conversation with a college friend of mine. He called me on Monday to let me know that he was getting married to some girl he had dated in high school. I only had one question for Lance... "Are you happy?" His reply was this is what he needed to do to be happy in the future. I told him I can accept that and that I will look for the invite in the mail.

Now I met Lance several years ago when I went to the fraternity informational session. Very attractive brother with a degree in Engineering and had been working making crazy dollars at Boeing before being laid off last year. He eventually had to move home to take care of ailing parents and hasn't quite made it back to where he once was. Lance was also (at that time) one of the first bi-curious brother I had ever met.

The second incident came while watching Oprah this week. Her guests were Terry McMillan and her now ex husband Jonathan Plummer. After hearing this story for months, Oprah secured the first interview with them together (I am sure buying the movie options for Terry's latest book didn't hurt). While at first I felt some sympathy for Terry... listening to the story together brought me to the realization that Ms. McMillan is full of shit.

I won't recount the entire show because I am sure you have seen or heard about it by now. However, first she tells the story of how he came out to her, and then begins to recount on how she held him all night as they cried. And then put him up in a hotel. Later in the show both Terry and Jonathan say they've found closure after recently spending some quality time together. Quality time spending the evening together including taking a bath together. While I do not condone anyone hiding their true sexuality from their mate, Terry's anger and rath that she has expressed over the past few months just seems to be a cry for media attention for her new book.

I was left wondering after both of these incidents... are these people being real with themselves? Are they truly living in the truth?

I had to think myself... am I living in my own truth? At first I was like oh hell yes, of course I am. I always keep it real. For some reason this question has not escaped my thoughts... and the more I think the more I realize... I may be living in MY truth, but MY truth is not always the truth.

There are feelings that I hide.... people I avoid... situations I smile through, as I shoot daggers in my mind. There are things that I do that I am not happy about and shouldn't do. There are people in my life that shouldn't be just because I don't want to be alone.

Guess I have some work to do. Are you living in the truth or your truth?


chrisbilal said...

Terry McMillian is shit on wheels. She is one evil broad and i cant help but think its a publicity stunt (which fooled the hell out of me). Both O and Terry will be laughing their asses to the bank

mytruth said...

Nice seems like there is always a deeper level of truth.

Valentino said...

I think I live in honesty...but not always truth...different things huh