Metro Opens Doors

Ok so it was 8:50am and I was just arriving at the Brookland Metro station (for those not from DC... the metro is the subway). At a far distance I saw the former or current boyfriend of a friend , lets call him Tee (one of those relationships when you are never quite sure). Nice young guy, but if you only knew the stories I knew. I hadn't seen him since a early August when were both at a house party, so we played the obligatory lets catch up. Told me all the new things going on in his life... dropped a few hints that him and my friend were back together much not to my surprise. My stop came first so as I said my enjoy your days see you around soon... I departed the train and made my way to my office.

It was on my half a block walk that I started to thinking. Tee always complains about the nonsense that him and his partner are going through. But yet they keep going back to each other. And if I could tell you some of the crazy ass stories I have heard... you would only wonder. My bestfriend told me that I am far too impatient and usually end a relationship at the first sign of trouble. I always refute his statements with simply saying I have no time for bullshit.

So as I walked from the metro.... in between all the meetings... and as I walked back to the metro this evening... all I could wonder was... What is too impatient??


On-Going Self Evolution Expressed By My Thoughts said...


Relationships.. aren't made to be easy... but are they?... or should they be??

Interesting stuff on the blog.. thanks for stoppin by.. i haven't written much on it...but stay tuned :)

Valentino said...
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Valentino said...

Well too impatient could mean many being that you don't stick around for the benefit of the doubt and another that you're too quick to judge and cast off instead of sticking around for the diamond in the ruff-so to speak-However, you're the only one who knows your situation and if you can detect the bullshit before it happens...more power to that.

CRL said...

As one of your best friends, I can attest to your impatience. People speak of relationships as if to think they are always good and happy. And as soon as there are rough times you are ready for flight. Perseverance and endurance are also a part of any relationship. So I guess you are somewhat correct when you said you can't tolerate or endure BS. Even if it means you would ultimately be with your soul mate!