Just Another Weekend...

Well Desperate Housewives has concluded which means for me at least another weekend has ended. With the stress from work mounting as we approach my biggest event of the year, I crave the weekends. No matter how much work is needed to be done, for my own sanity I leave it at the office on Thursday evenings and try not to think about it again until Monday morning.

This weekend was quite a mix of relaxation and activity. As usual with Howard's Homecoming, the city is flooded with former Alums, partyseekers, and celebs hosting overpriced parties at only the hottest spots around the District. This weekend Darryl Wilson brought SWV to perform for the kids, singing all of their old favorites and claiming that they are back. Followed by a house party the next day, I was left wondering out of all these people in town, how many really have ties to Howard?

My boy from Harlem, Dizyaboy, came down this weekend as well. Most of our weekend we spent downloading and listening to music while having revealing conversations. He asked quite a few questions that made me think. And was probably one of the chillest house guests that I have ever had. None of that demanding for entertainment with constant questions of 'what are we doing next?' He actually sent me out on Friday night alone while he chilled and slept.

Today was also a pretty chill day. Slept in a little and Dizyaboy left in mid afternoon. (Did I mention how he cleaned up the guest room, folded blankets and placed the sheets and towels by the washer and dryer... Definitely my type of guest)I had an early dinner date with Jordan. Now I met Jordan some time ago when he first moved to the city... however we remet 3 weeks ago at a house party and exchanged numbers. Definitely an attractive brother (tall, lite, and nice lips) and employed.

Now Dancerthighs is still around but not front and attention as he once was. While over the past weeks have shown me we have a few different priorities and were not in the same place, he is still someone of serious interest to me.

Anyway now that Desperate Hos is off... its time to get it together for the next week...

In the background: The Pussy Cat Dolls 'Stickwitu'


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Jamal K. Franklin said...

Yo, I sooo feel you. When Desperate Housewives goes off...that's it, my weekend is done with. And you tell DizYaBoy that he lied to me and owes me an apology...he'll know why!

Coming Into Reality,

Anonymous said...

who is dancer's thighs???