999,999 Man March

So I woke up Saturday morning (ok late morning) ready to get dressed and head down to the National Mall to take part in the Million More March. So I decided to jump online and check out the agenda to see what time the lined up speakers went on. Now I had been checking for this agenda for the past week... to no avail.

It amazes me that this national movement's web site has little or no information. It doesn't amaze me that a black national movement's web site has little or no information. One day we will stop being so half ass. Strike 1.

So I turn to the coverage on CSpan, to see none other than the hatemonger Willie Wilson giving a speech on unity. Now is this the same man who was adamant against a speaker representing homosexual people of color. Speaking on unity, how ironic. Strike 2.

As I ate my breakfast, I continued watching the coverage. Nonsense topics from nonsense speakers. The two that stood out the most were... one Muslim woman who was advocating marriage, (I can agree with this one... let me turn it up) her reasoning for this was 1. women shouldn't have to force men to be a part of their child's life emotionally or financially (ok i can agree with that) 2. women should stay at home to nurture and take care of their families (stay at home? she should have stopped while she was ahead)

Another speaker spoke on how if the Government would give them 14% of the health care dollars... they would be able to medically take care people of color better than the government is currently doing. Of course no evidence to support this claim, just endless rhetoric. Strike 3.

Most people that know me know I have very little patience. And definitely patience for bullshit. So after all of that I decided my time would be better spent in bed sleep, rather than trekking down to the Mall to listen to this nonsense. Only to come to find out a few hours later that after being invited, Keith Boykin, was disinvited Saturday morning by Willie Wilson who would later stand before the crowd and preach unity.

A late Saturday morning in bed... Saturday afternoon shopping with my bestfriend. I must say it turned out pretty relaxing.