Damn I hate the first of the month...

Ok so I left work early today (what else is new) to meet a friend for lunch. At the last minute I decided that I would cook instead (don't ask me why because everyone knows domestic work isn't me). So I go to the Safeway not far from my house (why I have no clue I never go to this ghetto ass store but for some reason today I was being lazy). As I walked around the produce looking for some potatoes, I started listening to a conversation next to me.

Woman #1: This baby stinks... did you change her diaper before we left.
Woman #2: No she didnt stink when we left.
Woman #1: Well she stinks.
Woman #2 walks off to another aisle

about 3 minutes later I am searching for some fish in the seafood section only to be encountered once again by the women and kids....

Woman #1: Yes Sheniah (0r however you spell those shenene names) u stink
Woman #2: Why you broadcasting to everyone that she smells
Woman #1: Shit everyone can smell it.
Woman #1 adds 3 packs of bacon to her nearly full cart.

I never understood why people wait till their pantry is nearly empty to come to the grocery store and stock up with an overflowing basket of food. Lucky me the ghetto Safeway only has 3 lines open and once again I find myself with my 12 items behind the women and kids....

Cashier: Do you have a bonus card?
Woman #2: No but let me enter my phone number instead.
Cashier: (several minutes later) Your total is $298.23
Woman #2: I have my card (she swipes what looks to be a credit card but has no visa or mastercard logo... hmmm food stamps)
Cashier: Your total is $36.12
Woman #1: You need to put something back... put those pampers and plates back we can get some from the dollar store up the street.
Cashier: (obviously annoyed)... umm hmm your total is $22.84

God knows I hate the first of the month. Damn I forgot the dishwashing liquid.

In the Background: some annoying reality show


Valentino said...

Be nice...its not their fault they're repressed...or whatever

The Divo said...

Wassup DC Homie,

This is your Baltimore neighbor, saying wassup and ha ha.

I am pretty sure that if you were in a Baltimore Safeway the conversation would have been a lot more ghetto.

I have been around, believe me.

Well, hope to visit again, don't be a stranger to DIVOland.

As always in Parting,

I came in Peace and in Peace I leave.

Trent Jackson said...